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Menopausal Hair Loss With Expert Dr. Simmy Kaur

Saturday 26th June 21

hair health
5+ min read

Let's Talk Menopausal Hair Loss with Dr. Simmy Kaur

We sat down for an expertly-grounded Instagram Live dialogue with our resident GP, Dr. Simmy Kaur, to unpack menopausal hair loss, the science behind it and the various treatment options that are available. As women age, menopause is a natural hormonal phenomenon that leads to a multitude of possible symptoms, hair loss being one of them. The primary culprit for this change, according to Dr. Kaur, is a gradual decline in oestrogen levels. However, as maintained by our resident GP, there are treatment options and products available that may help alleviate this physiological and psychological adjustment.

What is menopause?

Dr. Kaur defines the parameters of menopause to entail the lack of a period for a course of 12 months, that usually occurs around the age of 51. The scientific community considers going through menopause before the age of 45 as ‘early menopause’. As women age, their ovaries gradually produce fewer follicles, which are essentially responsible for producing the hormone oestrogen. This subsequent reduction in oestrogen accounts for various symptoms, from hot flushes to urinary problems.


Menopausal Hair Loss

One menopausal symptom that is often overlooked is that of hair thinning or hair loss, which Dr. Kaur maintains is also a direct upshot of the degeneration of oestrogen production. She notes that while many women report diminishing skin elasticity and dryness as a result of menopause, this same consequence certainly encompasses the skin of the scalp. She echoes our ethos here at MONPURE, reiterating that the scalp should be treated as an extension of the skin, and should thus be considered and nurtured accordingly.

Menopausal hair loss is characterised by gradual thinning or shortening of the hair. Dr. Kaur advises that if one has experienced sudden or distinct hair loss, one should visit a doctor to assess potential underlying deficiencies or illnesses that would need to be addressed medically. In terms of menopausal hair loss, depending on its severity, Dr. Kaur refers to minoxidil, a topical solution for female patterned hair loss that may serve to subdue the process. She also praises recent developments in hair loss treatment technology, in which therapies such as microneedling or laser therapy are yielding promising results.


Psychological and Lifestyle Factors

An aspect of hair loss that should be emphasized, according to Dr. Kaur, is its psychological impact. Many women report a significant effect on their mental health, including feelings of anxiety, hindrances to self-esteem and even depression. Dr. Kaur offers viable actions women can take pre-menopause to quell its associated symptoms, highlighting that although menopause is a natural occurrence that comes with age, a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise, sleep and stress-reduction are integral buffers to the onset of acute menopausal symptoms.


Photo by @anitaaarch.

MONPURE’s Solutions to Menopausal Hair Loss

According to expert Dr. Simmy Kaur, the MONPURE range is brimming with products that cultivate the best possible environment for a thriving scalp, even under fluctuating conditions, in that they are expertly formulated with scientific grounding and clean active ingredients.

She pays particular homage to the Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum, in which pumpkin seed extract works to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT, a known hair-loss culprit. As menopause is precipitated by a reduction in oestrogen, the hormonal balancing scales are tipped and testosterone holds a stronger presence. By inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha reductase that causes this conversion, pumpkin seed extract functions effectively to obstruct hair loss and maximise growth.

Dr. Simmy Kaur also praises the Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask, which is infused with the hero ingredient Camellia Tea Oil that delivers a hit of nourishment to the hair and scalp, ultimately optimising the scalp and hair-growth environment, while leaving your mane silky to the touch.

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