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How to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary

Wednesday 03th June 20

life & style ,scalpcare
5+ min read

MONPURE products in your bathroom

If jetting off on a spa weekend seems like a long way off, there are several ways you can create at-home treatments to recreate the experience in your own bathroom. It shouldn’t just be a functional space – there are ways to spruce it up, so your MONPURE scalp and haircare regimes can be carried out with the appropriate pomp and ceremony too! Here’s what some of our favourite interior gurus on the internet have to say about it…

Bring the living room into the bathroom

“Cosy it up. Maybe sling a chair in there, skim a rug across the floor, a plant, some sort of table.  I say this a lot but when you treat practical spaces like kitchens and bathrooms like living rooms and make them more decorative, it totally changes the vibe of them and cosies them up!” – Interior designer Abigail Ahern

Less is more

“While I'd initially purchased shelves for my bathroom, I discovered as soon as I held them up to the wall that they'd only make the room look smaller and more cluttered. Instead, I put the shelves in the hallway, and kept the walls clear of all hooks except for those that already came built-in. It helps keep the room clear and more open.” Leslie Stephens - cupcakes and cashmere

Add a bit of greenery

For me no space is complete without a few natural elements, so once I added some plants to bring the space to life, arranging them on top of the cabinet to keep the floor space free. The differently shaped pots create a sculptural focal point and the foliage provides colour, depth and textural interest.” Helen Powell -

The MONPURE scalpcare range

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