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Why a daily ‘scalp skincare’ regime should be common practise

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5+ min read

Skincare has come a long way in recent years. Thanks to our beauty-savvy cousins in South Korea (together with the rise of the ‘skintellectual’ movement and single-ingredient skincare) we’ve gotten into the habit of applying a number of serums and moisturisers on a daily basis. Many of us know our retinols from our AHAs and Vitamin Es, and when and where to apply them. 

So why does all this knowledge and effort stop when it comes to the hairline? As the top of our head is covered by hair (for many of us) it’s the equivalent of ‘sweeping under the rug’ any concern or care for that part of our skin. Even though it ages just as fast as the skin on our face, and is prone to all manner of inflammation, dryness and itchiness. But a quick rinse with shampoo is all it tends to get by way of attention.

hydrate and soothe scalp serum

That precise issue was what MONPURE’s Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum was meticulously developed to address. So that dry, irritated scalps can feel as hydrated and happy as the rest of your face. (It’s also completely vegan and over 90% natural.) Plus the super lightweight formula won’t weigh hair down or make it feel greasy or sticky. A few drops are all you need, applied to a clean scalp either straight after washing your hair, or just when it feels dry or irritated. Massage it in once a day, straight after your facial serum as part of your regular skin/scalpcare regime.

MONPURE scalp serums

Packing a serious hydrating punch is Pro Vitamin B5, which draws in moisture like a magnet and speeds up skin cell regeneration helping to repair and protect from environmental damage. Among its other main ingredients are witch hazel – this is the ingredient that irritated, itchy scalps will love as it’s a natural anti-inflammatory, toning the scalp and calming redness.  And one you may be less familiar with – allantoin. A skin-healing superhero, it’s particularly good for sensitive skin, helping to relieve any discomfort while adding a good glug of moisture in the bargain.

If you’re thinking of starting up a scalp-skincare regime (hint: you should) then this is the perfect product to start with. After all … and yes, we’ve said this so many times, but for the benefit of the people in the back row… skincare should not stop at your hairline!


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