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Why Shampoo Is So Crucial For Scalp Health

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5+ min read

When we talk about the importance of shampoo, the question: “Why should skincare stop at your hairline” springs to mind. For years shampoo was seen as somewhat of an after-thought – after all, it doesn’t stay on the hair (you rinse it out) so why bother with which one you use? Some of us tend to skip shampoo altogether, preferring to use a cleansing conditioner or nothing at all. This is mainly due to the fact that conventional shampoos tend to strip the scalp of moisture, leaving it dry and parched. It’s the equivalent of washing your face with hand soap.

But people are waking up to the benefits of a good cleanser, especially in the world of facial skincare – and the same is slowly happening with shampoo. People don’t want to upset their skin with harsh sulphate-ridden foaming cleansers. And given how sensitive and prone to dryness the scalp can be, why wouldn’t you take the same approach to your shampoo?

While some people only use shampoo for every other wash, many of us (myself included) like to feel our hair and scalp are thoroughly cleansed and decongested, especially if we’re using copious styling products in the interim. Clogged hair follicles can lead to scalp irritation and inhibited hair growth – not to mention dull, lacklustre hair. Plus, as with skincare, there’s no point investing in serums or masks designed to nourish and care for the scalp, if the scalp-skin isn’t thoroughly cleansed beforehand.

Hair Strengthening Shampoo

MONPURE’s Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo (200ml) contains aloe vera, which effortlessly lifts away product build-up while soothing the scalp at the same time (all thanks to the hydrating polysaccharides – a type of sugar molecule that soaks up water). It also gives the hair and scalp a strengthening boost with keratin and a special vegan silk peptide called Silkgel. The latter creates a ‘second skin’ effect over the scalp and hair shafts, and has been clinically proven to repair and protect both. Plus it’s SLS and sulphate-free, so while it may not foam up as much as regular shampoos, it won’t dry out your scalp and hair as much either! 

And lets talk about the scent for a minute. If you’re used to shampoos creating a sickly sweet floral fug – this raises the bar and then some, scenting your bathroom like a herbal sauna with lavender, grapefruit and rosemary oil.

Lastly, we come to applying it. Taking time to massage this stuff in can reap huge rewards where your scalp health is concerned. A good tip for those who find their hair tangles or falls out when they wash it? Don’t pile all of your hair on top of your head as you’re shampooing it (a sure-fire recipe for knots!). Massage it through at the roots only and work any excess down through the strands (start off by using a walnut-sized amount, adding more if needed).

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