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Debunking common haircare myths

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There are certain hair and scalp care myths that many people seem to confuse and mistake, making it more difficult to effectively treat the underlying cause. Whether it be the confusion between grease and product build-up, or a scramble between damage and dryness, at MONPURE, we debunk these misconceptions and educate as a precursor to beneficial treatment. 



What’s the difference between dry and damaged hair?

Dry Hair

Although both dry and damaged hair can appear dull, brittle and frizzy, many people mistake the two, despite the fact that they involve entirely different conditions. Dry hair is usually associated with one's environment, such as changing weather, swimming in the salty ocean or chlorinated pools, or even washing one’s hair too frequently. The key to overcoming a dry mane is simply hydration. Once you inject a healthy dose of moisture into your regime and mitigate the effects of environmental forces, your hair will thank you to no end. Curb parched locks from the root with the Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum, which works to soothe irritation and lock in moisture like a sponge.


Damaged Hair

Damaged hair, in contrast, is a direct upshot of an active addition of chemicals, products or heat to the hair. Whether in the form of chemical treatment, regular heat styling, or bleaching the hair, these processes break down the protective cuticle of the hair shaft, resulting in damage to the structure of the hair itself. The antidotes to this are protein, which will rebuild the make-up of the hair, as well as nourishment, which will feed the hair and scalp the vitamins and antioxidants it requires for healthy growth.



The MONPURE Solution

With that in mind, opt for the Shampoo + Conditioner imbued with strengthening vegan silk peptides and keratin, as well as the Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask, which will deliver an essential infusion of fortifying hair and scalp ‘food’.


What’s the difference between grease and product build-up on the scalp?


Oily Scalp

The scalp naturally accumulates build-up in line with our lifestyle, climate and hair care regime. The scalp secretes a natural waxy-oil called sebum from the sebaceous glands beneath the skin. While some people produce more than others, sebum is essential in preserving moisture and protecting the scalp-skin from infection. As we are active, the scalp also produces sweat, which often exacerbates the appearance of a greasy scalp. 


While these natural secretions are not harmful in and of themselves, if left untreated they can clog the hair follicles - leading to potential hair loss, inflammation or infection. Along with sebum and sweat production, the shedding of skin cells may also cause buildup or flakiness on the scalp.


Product Build-up

On the other hand, product build-up refers to an accumulation of residue left from hair products that build up over time, ultimately leading to an oily appearance. These shampoos, conditioners and styling products often contain waxes, synthetic silicones and parabens that cling to the hair strands and scalp-skin. Once this excess has collected, it becomes much more difficult for moisture and nutrients to effectively penetrate the hair and scalp. Without correctly treating the build-up, even freshly washed ‘clean’ hair will appear dull, flat and lackluster.


The MONPURE Solution

At MONPURE, we address issues at the source (the scalp). While grease forms part of our body’s natural secretions, and product build-up results from layers of waxy product residue, both may block the hair follicles, causing inflammation or hair loss. Get back to basics with the Shampoo + Conditioner set, which will thwart product-buildup and grease with clean and gentle formulations (free from all the ‘undesirables’). Gentle and regular shampooing, particularly with a ‘double-cleanse’, will aid in dislodging and preventing build-up from the scalp surface.



For good measure, cast off remnants and grease to restore a healthy scalp equilibrium with the Clarifying Scalp Scrub. This combination clarifies the scalp while leaving the lengths nourished and hydrated.

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