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Double-serum' The K-beauty Trend That Works For Your Scalp

Saturday 05th September 20

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5+ min read

You may by now be already acquainted with our hardworking scalp serums: Follicle Boost Density Serum and Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum (the latter winning a Global Green Beauty Award 2020!), beloved by beauty editors and experts alike.

But if you’re torn between bolstering hair growth and quenching a dry scalp, you no longer have to choose between one or the other – not if, like us, you’re inspired by the latest K-Beauty trend: ‘double serum’...

So what is it exactly? Well, instead of layering your skincare products on top of each other, you use them together to create a bespoke treatment depending on what your skin needs that particular day. Clever stuff.

And as with the skin on your face, the condition of your scalp tends to fluctuate, depending on the time of the month, weather or the amount of time left between washing. Sometimes it can be more dry and flaky, other times more greasy and irritated. So why not use both serums at once to create a bespoke cocktail according to how your scalp feels?

While we wouldn’t advise using both formulas on the same area (given the amount of strong, active ingredients each one has), you might want to mix-and-match, applying different serums to different parts of the scalp. For example, if you have hair loss, such as traction alopecia, at the crown or sides of the head, you might want to add some Follicle Boost to just these areas, while if you’re experiencing itching at the top or back of the head (e.g. after being in contact with your pillow all night) Hydrate and Soothe might work well for those. The idea is to create a customised ‘scalp facial’ to suit the needs of a particular area of your scalp, rather than applying a single serum all over. (It means you can make both serums last a little longer too!)

Give it a try and let us know your thoughts by tagging us @monpurelondon

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