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Elevate Your Hair Routine with MONPURE’s New Accessories

Wednesday 21th February 24

life & style
5+ min read

We're thrilled to unveil our latest innovative accessories - the Scalp Massage Brush, No-Crease Hair Clips, and Vegan Leather Beauty Case. As pioneers of healthy hair, Monpure is dedicated to maximizing scalp and hair health through cutting-edge products that transform your self-care ritual.

Scalp Massage Brush: A Soothing Sensory Experience

Our new Scalp Massage Brush elevates hair cleansing to a soothing, sensory experience. The gentle, ergonomic brush enables you to reach every area of your scalp without tangling strands. As it removes impurities, it also stimulates circulation to optimize the absorption of our nourishing shampoos and conditioners. Hair is left looking visibly healthier with lasting hydration and shine after using the brush. Consider this the missing third step of your wash day!

No-Crease Clips: Flawless Styling Backstage

We also introduced our No-Crease Hair Clips and Vegan Leather Beauty Case backstage at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Our lightweight yet durable clips secure even the finest hair firmly in place without creasing or pulling, allowing for flawless styling. Top stylists relied on these clips to effortlessly section hair and set show-stopping styles - from sleek wet looks to voluminous curls.

Vegan Leather Beauty Case: Responsible Luxury On-The-Go

The elegant Vegan Leather Beauty Case kept backstage solutions organized while sustainably protecting stylists' essentials. Made from recycled car windshields, this innovative material has a carbon footprint 25 times lower than plastic. Available in black and pink, this case was a social media darling among models.

The Perfect Trinity for Hair Health and Sustainability

Our new Scalp Massage Brush, No-Crease Hair Clips, and Vegan Leather Beauty Case deliver the perfect trinity of hair health, convenient styling, and sustainability.

"We challenged ourselves to develop elegant accessories that make healthy hair care routines easier and self-care more enjoyable," said MONPURE CEO Nate Bigger “The Scalp Massage Brush, No-Crease Hair Clips and Vegan Leather Beauty Case deliver the innovation MONPURE is known for while upholding our promise to create consciously-crafted products.”


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