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Fine Hair Myths Busted

Saturday 19th March 22

hair health
5+ min read

Fine Hair Myths Busted

Women with fine hair have continuously been confronted with a list of dos-and-don’ts when it comes to treating their fine strands, from so-called washing rules, to ingredient guidelines, to total misconceptions. As the world’s first dedicated scalp and hair health brand with a particular focus on fine hair, MONPURE is here to wade through the myths that have pervaded the beauty industry, and guide fine-haired folk once and for all - what is fact and what is fiction.

Let’s debunk some of the most pervasive fine hair myths…

1. Fine Hair = Thin Hair

MYTH: Fine hair is the same as thin hair.

TRUTH: Fine hair relates to hair thickness, while thin hair relates to hair density.

Many people confuse fine hair (hair thickness) and thin hair (hair density), and as a result, are unable to effectively treat their hair type or concern. So, let’s break down the difference:

Fine hair: Fine hair refers to the actual diameter of each individual hair strand. Fine hair generally does not contain the innermost structure of the hair strand, called the medulla. This makes the physical diameter of each strand smaller.

You can have fine hair and still have a full head of hair.

Thin hair: Thin hair refers to the amount of individual hair strands on your scalp, or the relative sparsity or density of hairs on your scalp. Thinning hair means there is a greater distance between the hair follicles on your scalp. 

Hair thinning is most commonly caused by male and female-pattern-baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia. This gradual condition is caused by the increased presence of the androgen (male) hormone called DHT, a byproduct of testosterone.

Read more about the process of hair thinning here.

The Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum is a go-to for anyone with fine or thinning hair. It works to boost fine locks to their optimum potential and combats hair thinning at the source. 

Its hero ingredient, pumpkin seed extract, blocks the 5-alpha reductase enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to DHT. Skincare acids retinol and lactic acid work together to exfoliate the scalp for improved absorption of other hair boosting and nourishing ingredients, as well as decongesting follicles to ensure healthier and bouncier hair. 


2. Fine Hair is Only Straight

MYTH: Fine hair is always straight.

TRUTH: Fine hair comes in a variety of hair textures.

Many people are under the impression that fine hair equates to straight hair. However, fine hair can be found across hair textures. Fine hair is not one-size-fits-all. While the conventional wisdom surrounding curly hair types is that they are generally coarser, many curly-haired folk, specifically those with type 2 and 3 curls find that their hair is both fine and curly, which requires a totally different set of rules than coarse curly hair types.

At MONPURE, we recommend that women with fine and curly hair introduce a pre-shampoo scalp mask into their routine. The Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask delivers an intense hit of nourishment and hydration to the scalp and strands, while relieving scalp sensitivity and stimulating follicles for optimal hair growth. Applying a scalp mask before washing (instead of a leave-in treatment after washing) allows fine-curly-women to enjoy the hydrating benefits of a mask without weighing down their locks.


3. Avoid Conditioning the Roots

MYTH: Do not apply conditioner to the scalp and roots.

TRUTH: MONPURE’s conditioner is designed to be applied to the scalp and lengths, and works to cultivate scalp hydration and hair growth.

There is a fallacy in the haircare industry that conditioner is solely dedicated to treat the ends of the hair, particularly among people with fine hair. However, avoiding the scalp and roots only further dehydrates the scalp, leading to an overproduction of sebum (grease) that contributes to oily, weighed down and starving hair.

Despite the fact that conventional wisdom has drummed into us that we should avoid applying conditioner to the scalp at all costs, fine haired people need to deliver nutrients and moisture back into the scalp after cleansing. 

The solution to replenishing the scalp’s moisture is lightweight and skincare-inspired formulas, designed to treat the scalp just like you would the skin.

Read more about skincare lessons for the scalp here.

At MONPURE, we understand that women with fine hair worry about their locks appearing flat, weighed-down, greasy and lifeless when applying products to the scalp. In the face of this, our scalp-centric formulations, particularly our Strengthening Essence-Conditioner, challenge this assumption. The conditioner, inspired by K-beauty regimes, resembles a skincare essence with a lightweight consistency and nourishing ingredients - and can be applied to both the scalp and lengths without the fear of a greasy or weighed-down aftermath.


4. Wash less frequently

MYTH: Fine haired people should avoid frequent washing to prevent stripping.

TRUTH: Protein-rich and natural formulas won’t strip the strands.

One of the most important steps for treating fine hair starts in the shower. Many harsh shampoos are packed with stripping sulphates and parabens that deplete the scalp and hair of their natural oils and moisture. This leaves the strands susceptible to breakage, dryness and damage. This is most likely the reason for the established mantra that fine-haired folk should avoid frequent washing, considering the havoc that harsh shampoos tend to wreak on the hair’s entire ecosystem.

However, when using protein-rich, nourishing and fortifying formulas, the scalp is rid of the product, pollution and sebum build-up that occurs between washes, while also being strengthened from root to tip without fear of damage.

MONPURE’s Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo, formulated with hero ingredient vegan silk peptides, is scientifically proven to protect, repair and rebuild frail and damaged strands while optimally delivering nutrients, hydration and a robust breathable barrier to the hair and scalp - no matter how often you indulge in wash days.


5. Don’t use oils

MYTH: Fine haired people should avoid using oils.

TRUTH: Lightweight oils are an essential part of any fine-haired routine.

While it is certainly true that fine hair can be weighed down by heavy oils and butters, this is not a blanket statement.

Fine hair is smaller in diameter and lighter in mass than the average hair strand, meaning that products or ingredients with large molecules can coat fine strands and weigh them down. Their lighter mass means that they are more prone to the effects of gravity and outside forces, resulting in less body and volume.

However, there are certain lightweight oils formulated in MONPURE’s range that are ideal for fine hair.

Argan oil is wonderful for fine hair. Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, this plant-based oil is lighter than most. It regulates moisture on the scalp and regenerates the surface of the skin. It also nourishes, strengthens and smoothens the hair, while restoring silkiness and shine.

Find argan oil in…

Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo

Strengthening Essence-Conditioner

Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum

Clarifying Scalp Scrub

Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask

Grapeseed oil is an extremely lightweight oil that aids in moisture retention, provides relief to stressed and damaged follicles, boosts shine and lustre and increases blood flow to the scalp to stimulate hair growth - all without weighing down fine strands.

Find grapeseed oil in…

Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum

Coconut oil is a lightweight emollient that is ideal for fine hair. It nourishes, moisturises and conditions the scalp without weighing down fine strands. Its soothing and healing properties also relieve symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, itchy scalp and sunburn.

Find coconut oil in…

Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo

Strengthening Essence-Conditioner

Clarifying Scalp Scrub



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