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How To Prevent Hair Loss

Thursday 16th July 20

hair loss
5+ min read


MONPURE scalp scrub, hair density serum and hair strengthening conditioner on a marble table top


How to Prevent Hair Loss and Thinning

When it comes to promoting healthy hair growth, many of us fail to make this a priority until our hair starts to fall out. By that point, people tend to resort to harsh chemical treatments and prescription drugs which can irritate the scalp and cause a cycle of dependency – risking further hair loss if we suddenly decide to stop the treatment. So, how can you prevent hair loss?

MONPURE was created to reactivate dormant hair follicles and promote thicker hair by stimulating the scalp with gentle, natural - yet scientifically proven - ingredients. Thus creating the best environment for thicker, fuller hair to grow.

Prevention is Better than Cure

But why are we waiting until our hair falls out to deal with the issue? Just as preventative anti-ageing skincare is more effective at warding off lines and wrinkles in later life, starting an effective scalpcare regime early on will pay dividends when it comes to reducing the risk of hair loss as we age. Using hair products with ingredients designed to treat and care for the scalp can bridge the gap between facial skincare and scalpcare. (Because studies have shown that the scalp ages at the same rate as our face does – it’s skin after all).

Hence the scalp should be at the heart of any haircare regime.  And if we neglect it now, we have a greater chance of hair loss further down the line, which is more difficult to reverse. You might be bombarding your hair with every lotion and potion under the sun, but if you’re not caring for the scalp underneath – the literal root cause of healthy hair – all that effort will be in vain. That’s why we tend to think of scalpcare as akin to gardening; nourish the soil and whatever grows out of it will flourish.

So our ethos is simple: with the right regime and reduced stress, you have a recipe for healthy, luscious hair – and lots of it!

The perfect first step when it comes to preventative scalpcare is with our Hair & Scalp Rehab SOS regime. This is especially good if you’re using a lot of leave-in styling products (like dry shampoo or salt spray), which can congest your hair follicles, inhibiting hair growth. Our Clarifying Scalp Scrub can help you get a clean slate, lifting away every last scrap of product with biodegradable jojoba beads and refreshing aloe vera. 

Next, resuscitate your flagging hair follicles, with our Strengthening Essence-Conditioner. There’s not a silicone to be found in this formula, which instead contains a pioneering vegan silk protein to rebuild and protect the hair from within, rather than add a superficial coating as silicones do. Smooth it through your hair and scalp and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly. 

Last but not least, is our Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum. You may have found that over-use of products and neglecting your scalp has caused it to become clogged, so hair growth is inhibited. This clever serum works to reverse all of that, firstly with retinol and lactic acid to dissolve any dead skin cells, giving you a clean canvas to work on, while pumpkin seed extract blocks hormonal chemicals that are known to cause hair loss, encouraging new strands to grow through thicker and stronger - ultimately preventing hair loss and minimising hair fall.


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