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Hair Wisdom – True Or False?

5+ min read

From our recent Mother’s Day competition, we received a slew of interesting tips and advice (thank you to everyone and their mums for participating!). We spotted a few well-known words of wisdom that a lot of us heard growing up – which sparked our interest. We decided to delve a little deeper, to get to the ‘root’ of the matter with the help of our resident doctor and dermatologist Dr Sue Ann Chan.

Read on to find out which of the more well-known hair tips actually do pass muster...

“Rinsing hair in cold water will make it shinier”


We’re not saying you should take cold showers for the rest of your life (brr!) but giving your hair a final rinse in cold water helps to seal all the tiny bristles in your hair cuticle, making them lay flat. This makes it more reflective when the light hits it, making your hair look oh-so-shiny.

“Letting your hair dry naturally is the best way to keep its condition”

It depends...

While air-drying means less damage with heated hair dryers, it’s not always a good idea. For example, sleeping with wet hair is a big no-no because there’s less chance of it being exposed to air, which can cause mildew and bacteria to grow. Hair is also most fragile when it’s wet, so air-drying means it stays damp for longer, making it more vulnerable to breakage. Obviously excessive use of heated styling tools is going to do way more damage over time, but if you choose to let you hair dry naturally, just bear the above in mind (as the song goes: ‘it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it!’).

“Washing your hair everyday strips it of its natural oils”


Frequent washing can be damaging and drying for your hair – as well as leaving your scalp irritated. Plus your scalp’s oil glands are likely to overcompensate, giving you greasy roots, so then you’re stuck in a vicious circle. If you’re exercising every day and you have to wash it after a workout, then a sulphate-free shampoo such as MONPURE Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo will be less abrasive and won’t zap your scalp of moisture. 

“Eating crusts will make your hair curly”


Naturally curly hair all depends on the type of hair follicle you have (the same goes for straight hair). Saying that, eating crusts can be good for your hair in general. They are rich in melanoidins – special compounds which help produce the 'good' bacteria we need for our gut to function properly and benefit our overall health (including hair health). 

“Lemon juice is the best natural way to lighten your hair in the sun”


Lemon juice is a known scalp irritant and when exposed to UV rays, it has the potential to cause a reaction called phytodermatitis which leads to redness and itchiness. (The best way to use lemon juice right now? Drink it! It contains vitamin C to help support the immune system which is especially needed at the moment!)

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