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Meditation for Hair Growth

Friday 06th November 20

life & style ,meditation ,stress ,vegan beauty ,wellness
5+ min read

The Link Between Meditation and Hair Growth

At MONPURE, we’re more than aware of the toll the global crisis is taking on everyone. We know that looking after our mental health is paramount at the moment not just for our general wellbeing and managing stress levels, but to also ensure our scalp and hair is in the strongest, healthiest condition it can be. Did you know that meditation and hair growth can go hand in hand? In fact, mindfulness and meditation can be used for promoting hair growth. Let's discover the effects of stress reduction on hair and scalp health.

Stress Reduction and Hair Growth

As our resident dermatologist Dr Sue Ann Chan notes, “As we all face our invisible enemy, stress is no doubt creeping into our daily lives. You could be a nurse working at the front line in hospitals; a teenager at school; a chef in a Michelin-star restaurant, an elderly person trying to buy groceries; or a gym bunny missing weeks of working out! It affects all aspects of our daily lives.”

“But stress whether acute or chronic doesn’t just affect our mental health; our skin is perhaps one of the main organs acutely affected by it.  The stress hormone called cortisol regulates the normal functioning of our hair follicles. When cortisol is present at high concentrations, it causes cells in the hair follicles to undergo apoptosis (i.e. die) prematurely by up to 40%, resulting in hair loss.”

Meditation or relaxation rituals are a way of ‘checking in’ with your mental health, to help build your mindfulness muscle so that you don’t get stuck in negative thought patterns that can be damaging to both body and mind - leading to stress and hinderances to your mental health. As we know, stress can be a major trigger or hair loss, so mitigating against that through meditation can be an effective tool in reducing the side effects. The less stressed you are, the better it is for you all round, benefitting not just your mental and physical health, but as we have seen, hair growth in the process.

Amp Up the Self Care

And when you can combine a relaxation ritual with your regular hair routine, then so much the better. Rather than lathering up for a  hurried 10 minutes in the shower, we created MONPURE for people to take time out to properly treat their scalp and hair – and feel less frazzled in the bargain. 

As Minal Bhanshali, founder of scented candle range 7Over7 explains:

Start small with 5 – 10 minutes and then build up your practice.  The best way to start is by trying meditation after a yoga practice. Yoga postures were designed by the ancient yogis to enable the body to sit in a meditative state for long periods of time and to help channel the energy from the ground up. After yoga is therefore an ideal time, when the body and mind are more receptive to the benefits of meditation. I’d also recommend creating a space and a ritual to your practice to make it more meaningful; dim the lights, light a mood enhancing candle and ensure there is a good flow of fresh air in the room. Don’t forget to set an intention for your practice too.

If you’re new to meditation, there are many apps offering 10-minute daily coaching sessions, where meditation teachers can guide you through what you should be focusing on and how to time your breathing. Find a quiet comfortable space, plug in your headphones and you’re good to go! Make an effort to do this each morning and you may begin to reap the benefits of using meditation for hair growth.

Here are MONPURE, we’re happy to offer advice and support for anyone experiencing scalp and hair issues during this stressful time. Please email us on or DM us on Instagram @monpurelondon


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