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Can Pregnancy Improve Hair Quality?

pregnancy hair loss
5+ min read

Aside from a baby bump, many pregnant women notice an overall change in their bodies – not least their scalp and hair. To give us more of an insight, we spoke to our lovely Head of Customer Services, India (who some of you might have already spoken to) about how her own hair – and haircare regime – has changed since becoming pregnant. She tells us how she copes with it and which products she now cannot live without!

What were your main scalp and hair concerns before getting pregnant?

The texture of my hair would constantly change! One day it could be super voluminous, the next it could be flat as a pancake!

What did your routine mainly consist of?

I always took care to use a quality shampoo with a gentle, non-drying formula. I actually came across MONPURE’s Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo and Essence-Conditioner before joining the brand! The difference they made to my hair was a wonderful surprise.

How have your scalp and hair changed since pregnancy?

Dramatically! It’s grown at a rapid speed, yet it the thinnest it has ever been. So my main focus has been on detangling knots while trying to boost volume … it’s not been easy!

What's the most interesting advice you've received with regards to pregnancy haircare?

I can tell you the most useless kind: that I should enjoy my luscious hair because it’ll be gone once I give birth! As this “luscious hair” did not happen for me, it’s advice that went in one ear and out the other!

What kinds of ingredients (if any) were you told to avoid?

I trusted products that were guaranteed pregnancy safe.  MONPURE really lets you indulge without any anxiety thanks to all the meticulous safety testing they do (their German manufacturers are meticulous!).

Which hair products have been a godsend since getting pregnant?

The Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum! It’s helped both with the thinning and volume issues! 

As Head of Customer Service do you get a lot of questions about pregnancy haircare? If so, what are the most common concerns?

Absolutely! Hair is a very concerning topic once you start seeing a difference or a shift in its condition or length. Especially during pregnancy, a time of physical and mental upheaval. Most of our queries are about postpartum hair issues - which is something we love helping people with!

What's the one MONPURE product you would recommend for mums-to-be?

If I had to pick just the one... it would be Follicle Boost! The effects are just insane! But I do think the trio of the Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo and Essence-Conditioner and Follicle Boost are a winning trio, with the indulgence of the Heal and Energise Jade Comb that can just help you relax as you massage your scalp with it!

Watch India’s Scalpcare Sunday routine here:

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