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Get Ready To Sunproof Your Scalp And Hair

5+ min read

You might be busy slathering SPF on your face and body, but what about your scalp and hair? Those wretched UV rays can wreak havoc on those too – as anyone who’s suffered with a burnt parting and frazzled hair can attest!

According to our resident dermatologist Dr. Sue Ann Chan: “UV rays are the biggest cause of skin ageing and the same goes for your scalp and hair. While they obviously burn the scalp-skin, they can also cause it to prematurely age leading to dryness and hair loss. The majority of skin cancers occur in the head and neck region, as these are areas most exposed to ultraviolet (UV) sunlight. Any lumps or bumps that do not settle in 2 weeks should be examined by your healthcare professional in case these are sinister lesions.”

Your actual hair doesn’t get off lightly either. “The sun breaks down the keratin and lipids in the hair shaft, resulting in it becoming dry and brittle. They also penetrate the hair follicle, damaging the pigment and causing the colour to fade. Don’t be surprised if you notice more split ends, hair thinning and colour looking slightly drab at the end of the summer months.”

So what are some of the best ways to shield the scalp and hair (and the rest of our body) in the summer? Dr Sue Ann has the following advice:

  • Avoid outdoor activities from 11am – 3pm as UV rays are strongest during these hours

  • Wear protective headgear e.g. a wide brimmed hat to cover all of the scalp, forehead and ears

  • Sunglasses are also important to protect the eyes and delay crow’s feet wrinkles

  • Use appropriate sunscreens with broad-spectrum protection including UVA (ageing rays) and UVB (burning rays) protection. High factor SPF 50+ is recommended during summer time

  • Ensure sunscreen is generously applied when doing sporting activities such as skiing, swimming or sailing, as the reflections from snow, mountains or open sea water can intensify the sun’s rays

Our fail-safe tip? If you’re hitting the beach and don’t mind wearing your hair slicked back, get some SPF 30+ oil-free sunscreen and slick it through your scalp and strands (tying up long hair into a bun). It will protect hair from moisture loss and sun damage. If you’re not going swimming, a ‘cheat’ option would be to buy a large sun hat or headscarf and ensure your head and hair remain covered at all times. 

There are other ways to mitigate sun damage with a little help from MONPURE. Our Strengthening Silk Protein shampoo is sulphate-free and less drying, so it helps preserve colour and doesn’t damage hair that’s already been a little frazzled by those UVs. 

And our Strengthening Essence-Conditioner is perfect for hair that’s prone to breakage and split ends, as it contains a strengthening vegan silk peptide that works like a ‘second skin’ on the hair shaft, locking in moisture and helping to repair the sun’s damaging effects.

Finally, treat your scalp to a hint of after-sun to calm any redness as the evening draws in. Our Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum contains aloe vera to bring down any irritation. Think of it as an ‘after-sun’ for your scalp!

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