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Our Scalpcare Ritual for ‘Stress Eczema’

Wednesday 04th November 20

eczema ,National Stress Awareness Day ,natural ingredients ,scalp health ,scalp treatments
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If eczema is currently the bane of your life, you’re not alone. Eczema is a condition that is notoriously difficult to treat, as there are so many factors at play. Trying to identify the specific cause is tricky, but stress is seen as a major one – with recent studies showing that psychological or physical stress are common triggers. Many people report flare-ups of ‘stress eczema’ (your humble author included), which can affect any part of the body, including the scalp. 

So what is happening? Stress ramps up the production of certain hormones and releases pro-inflammatory chemicals that are known to compromise the scalp’s barrier function. This means that it is easier for moisture to escape, leading to significant scalp-skin dehydration, itching and other sensitivities. 

Therefore, for National Stress Awareness Day, we've put together an eczema soothing scalpcare ritual to help you unwind and relax whilst treating any inflamed, itchy, red skin. 

You will need:

(NB. Make sure to go easy on irritated skin – if the skin is broken or your eczema is particularly severe, always consult your GP or dermatologist in the first instance.)

Product shot of Scalp Scrub, Scalp Mask and Scalp Serum


Wet your hair, then scoop up a walnut-sized amount of the Clarifying Scalp Scrub and massage into the roots. Biodegradable jojoba beads will gently sweep away any dead skin and debris that can exacerbate symptoms, leaving it feeling smooth and reinvigorated. Leave on for 3 minutes then rinse thoroughly, drying off any excess water by patting the hair with a towel.

Now it’s time to apply our Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask which works to soothe, hydrate and relieve scalp discomfort, with aloe vera and vitamin-rich camellia tea oil. For this next part, we’ve enlisted the help of 7Over7 founder and qualified yoga instructor Minal Bhanshali.

“Use the texture of the mask to glide the fingertips in circular motions around the nape, the points on the back of the ears, the temples, the forehead and the crown of the head. Being aware of any tension and holding gentle pressure there will help you to relax more deeply. This gentle massage enables better sleep, a more alert mind when done during the day, a deep sense of wellbeing. It’s the ultimate form of self-care!”

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. While you’re waiting for it to work its magic (you’ll feel a tingle so you’ll know it’s working) you might want to try some stress busting exercises to calm any racing thoughts.

Focused breathing is also a quick, easy technique for issues like stress and anxiety. Deeply inhale for six seconds as you fill your lungs with air, and then slowly breathe out for ten. If you can, do this with one hand on your heart, the other on your stomach. Repeat this, inhaling and exhaling ten times. Slowing down your breathing makes your body release more carbon dioxide, which then slows down your heart rate, making you automatically feel calmer.

Once your 15 minutes is up, rinse your scalp and hair thoroughly. Finally, the pièce de resistance is our Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum. This serum intensely revives a thirsty scalp with Vitamin B5 and an ingredient called allantoin that works like a sponge to draw moisture into the skin and keep it there. Part your hair in several sections and apply using the dropper and leave to dry (do not rinse).

You can enjoy this ritual once or twice a week, or whenever you’re feeling the pressure (and your scalp is paying the price!) Not only will your eczema-induced dry scalp be quenched, but your senses will be soothed with essential oils of lavender and sandalwood – ensure you breathe the aroma in  deeply to calm any racing thoughts, as well as a stressed scalp!

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“Bought these three products and have used three times so far. I can already feel a difference in my scalp, which has been dry and scaly for over five years.” 

Carol – MONPURE Customer



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