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Plastic – How To Use Less And Recycle More

Thursday 24th September 20

5+ min read


Plastic waste is one of the biggest global threats to the environment today, caused by the linear, single-use packaging models that companies (not least beauty companies) have been using for far too long. 

According to Zero Waste Week, the beauty industry produces more than 120 billion units of packaging each year, the plastic involved contributing to the eight million tonnes of plastic that get dumped into the oceans each year*, destroying biodiversity and marine life in the process.

To highlight National Recycle Week – here are some ways to use less and recycle more plastic in your everyday life.

1. Buy reusable containers for things you use daily

Whether it’s your daily shop, buying a cup of coffee or staying hydrated – all of those plastic bags and containers soon add up! Take a canvas bag to go shopping; buy a reusable water bottle; and next time you get a coffee – bring your own cup!

2. Recycle glass jars to store leftovers

While it might be an easy option to store food in plastic containers covered in cling film, unwanted glass jars are a better way to keep leftovers – they’re airtight and can be reused a number of times.

3. Avoid excessive food packaging

Opt for loose fruit and veg instead of buying pre-packaged alternatives. Instead of using those tear-off plastic bags, many supermarkets are happy for you to bring your own Tupperware to put loose items in. Learn how to cook some easy simple meals from scratch and try buying certain items in bulk (sugar, pasta, cereals) to save on packaging.

4. Stop using straws

Plastic drinking straws are one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste – millions are thrown away each day. Going straw-free will instantly reduce the amount of plastic you use without affecting the quality of what you’re buying. If you really can’t sip an iced latte without one, opt for biodegradable alternatives. There are even companies that offer pasta straws, which are less likely to break down to mush, unlike paper versions.

Shop brands that use post-consumer recycled plastic. 

MONPURE want to be part of the current movement towards “closing the loop” on waste, using plastic that’s not just recyclable but is itself made from post-consumer recycled materials.  Post-consumer recycled plastic is a type of plastic that has been reprocessed from other products that have been used and thrown away by consumers. This means that eventually, less plastic will end up in landfills, or in our oceans. 


“But I put all my plastic into the recycle bin – isn’t that enough?”

When it comes to plastics getting put in the right bins and picked up, there is an important difference in the ‘recovery rate’ and ‘recycling rate’. Recovery rate means the amount of plastic that gets picked up from bins like the ones you probably use at home. It then gets sorted for recycling – and the amount that eventually gets sent to a recycling facility is the recycling rate. The rest gets sent to either a landfill or ‘energy from waste’ facility. So if you use a post-consumer recycled plastic product, as we at MONPURE do, you can rest assured that you’re not potentially adding to the amount of waste plastic that’s already in circulation.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy – or cheap – to recycle post-consumer plastic. If you think about what its manufacture involves (collecting, washing, disinfecting, sorting, re-processing, and redistributing it) it’s not the most straightforward of processes. There are also issues such as irregularities in colour and the grade of plastic used.

However, MONPURE remain committed to our pledge to help turn the tide on plastic waste. We believe that if we have to use plastic, post-consumer recycled plastic – that is also recyclable – is the best way forward for our planet. 

Our Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo and Strengthening-Essence Conditioner bottles are 100% post-consumer recycled plastic – we designed, modelled and tested many different versions until we were happy with the end result. 



But we’re not stopping there. As our brand grows, we have further goals to help dismantle the culture of disposable plastic and encourage consumers to be more mindful, so that our beautiful planet is preserved for future generations.

Our eco credentials were recently recognised by Harper’s BAZAAR who awarded us ‘Best Green Beauty Brand’; together with the Global Green Beauty Awards, who picked three of our products as this year's winners: “Best Sustainable Hair Product” (Gold) - Clarifying Scalp Scrub; "Best Vegan Hair Product" (Gold) - Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask; "Best Vegan Hair Product" (Bronze) - Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum.

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