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The Importance of Scalp Health: The Aesthetician's Guide

Saturday 28th January 23

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5+ min read

MONPURE partnered with luxury aesthetician and therapist, Mina Lee, at her renowned clinic in Chelsea, London. Mina shared her expert guide on how to maximise scalp health and slow scalp ageing with Korean healing techniques, using MONPURE’s innovative formulas to enhance her holistic practice.

Mina Lee has been a leading and celebrated Korean skin and bodywork aesthetic specialist for 17 years, offering bespoke luxury, evidence-based treatments that target clients’ individual needs. 

Mina Lee uses Korean healing techniques and practices and works alongside the body’s nervous system to create a perfect environment for maximised hair and scalp health. It combines MONPURE’s scalp-lead formulas, Korean massage, reiki and acupuncture to provide a holistic healing experience that harnesses the body’s meridian channels, reflexology points and enhances scalp circulation.

The Key Principles of Korean Scalp Massage

  • The importance of stretching is a central part of the healing practice. Stretching the body from feet to neck releases any energy blockages and tension.
  • Mina uses reflexology and acupuncture to treat the head and scalp’s reflexology points - ensuring the body’s energy is flowing.
  • Korean scalp massage is used to boost stimulation, relieve tension and supercharge the efficacy of MONPURE’s innovative formulas.
  • Mina performs ‘combing therapy’ on the scalp, releasing tension, enhancing circulation, improving product absorption and improving the health of the scalp environment.

Mina Lee’s practice and techniques use MONPURE’s award-winning Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum, which optimises the function and growth of hair follicles by stimulating the scalp, improving cell turnover, preventing hair loss and thinning – while actively promoting thicker, fuller hair. Hero ingredient pumpkin seed extract blocks the production of hormone DHT to extend the hair growth phase and shorten the shedding phase, while skincare holy-grails retinol and lactic acid decongest follicles and promote healthy cell renewal.

Her restorative treatments also use MONPURE’s scalp-calming antidote, the Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum, an intense, anti-inflammatory solution that quenches dry, irritated scalps and soothes redness. This hydrating antidote helps calm symptoms of redness, acne, eczema, sun damage and general scalp discomfort. It features redness-reducing witch hazel water, protective Pro Vitamin B5 and allantoin and exfoliating salicylic acid that works to decongest follicles and support scalp health.

Interview with Mina Lee X MONPURE:

MONPURE sat down with Mina Lee to discuss her professional perspective on the importance of scalp health, scalp ageing, scalp massage and how to use MONPURE’s innovative formulas to enhance her practice. Her unique integration between holistic and traditional Korean practices with modern scalp health techniques offers luxurious and invigorating treatments second to none.

Do you have a favourite MONPURE product and why does it stand out to you?

I love using MONPURE products on my clients, especially for scalp massages. I always use the Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum on the scalp to prep my clients for the massage, that’s my favourite. As I get older, my scalp is getting drier and this immediately helps. I religiously use this serum on myself and on my clients.

The Heal and Energise Jade Comb is my secret weapon. I usually start by massaging the face and then moving to the scalp. I massage behind the ears, then gently brush the roots of the hair to create gentle stimulation. I then find the pressure points on the scalp that may be experiencing some pain, and massage to release tension. You can also use the comb to relieve neck pain.

How do recommend using the Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum?

Stimulating the scalp opens up blood supply and blood flow, which carries all of your nutrition and oxygen. More blood circulation cultivates a healthy scalp and hair. I definitely recommend a MONPURE serum as part of the scalp massage. I recommend the Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum, which has healing agents and anti-ageing benefits. Then I massage the occipital muscle to oxygenate the scalp. 

As a seasoned aesthetic therapist, what do you think is the importance of scalpcare?

Scalp health is very important. The scalp muscles are connected to your face muscles and shoulder muscles. In Korean, we call this the "qi" (ch'i), or the ‘energy’, where everything is connected like a system. You can’t improve one without working on the other.

Can you shed some light on how the scalp ages in comparison to the face?

The scalp ages differently to your face and body. Your hair is always protecting your scalp, like a layer against things like UV light. However, using lots of harsh chemicals on your hair means that your scalp will age much quicker. A lot of it is genetic, hormonal and age-related as well. 

The same way you use a good cleanser, moisturiser and serum on your face, you need exactly the same for your scalp. The scalp needs regular exfoliation, a good shampoo, and good nutrition to delay the ageing process of the scalp.

Why do you need to exfoliate your scalp?

The scalp is a part of your skin, which regenerates new skin cells every 28 days. If you don’t regularly exfoliate, it can cause dryness, sore spots or even hair loss. New hair can’t grow out of a congested scalp. It’s important to exfoliate and use a scalp massage once a week. 

What are meridian channels?

Meridians are paths through which the life-energy known as "qi" (ch'i) flows. It's believed that qi can be blocked or depleted, leading to imbalance and pain. Through accessing these points, I can affect the flow of qi and blood and am able to communicate with the body.

The centre of your nose up and around to the centre of your spine is your core meridian channel. I recommend massaging from the centre of your scalp, which kickstarts the healing process. If you have tension, I recommend finding the sore spots and relieving it with massage.

What's the importance of scalp massaging to increase circulation?

It’s really important to massage your scalp to increase blood circulation. Your body is a natural healing agent, and blood is our energy and petrol. It carries oxygen, nutrition, everything. Giving a scalp massage boosts circulation, and is the first step for anti-ageing.

How can ingredients like retinoids, AHAs and BHAs be beneficial for hair growth and scalp health?

MONPURE products are formulated with active ingredients like AHAs, BHAs and retinol - which are incredible anti-ageing ingredients. Many people use these ingredients on their skin, but not their scalp. I find it important to use retinol on the scalp, because so many of my clients have dryness, hair loss and scalp acne - which can be targeted by these active ingredients.

What expert tips can you share about maximising scalp health?

Having a regular routine is key to keeping on track in your healing process, which requires consistency. Regular exfoliation and scalp massages will help boost anti-ageing on the scalp.

We are so proud to have partnered with one of London’s most renowned aestheticians, Mina Lee, whose unique perspective and blend between Korean massage techniques and MONPURE’s scalp-led active ingredients, offers a holistic solution to maximise scalp health and general well-being. 


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