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Tarryn Warren, About The Power Of A Scalp Facial

Saturday 02th October 21

scalp health
5 min read


MONPURE partnered with celebrity skincare therapist and expert, Tarryn Warren, for the first ever immersive scalp facial at the Bodyism wellness studio in Notting Hill. Tarryn Warren’s brand was founded on three main principles: skin health, individualised bespoke approach, and technology-driven solutions.

The MONPURE team sat down with Tarryn to discuss the importance of a scalp facial, a revolutionary treatment in the beauty industry.

What’s the importance of a scalp massage for scalp, follicle and hair health?

Tarryn: “We are trying to aid oxygenation and circulation to the scalp, as this will improve the follicles. Deep massage and lymph drainage all help with scalp health, and therefore, hair health.”

What is an easy scalp massage to do at home?

You really want to get your fingers in the scalp, a bit of pressure to get the circulation going and even a bit of movement to drain the lymph so that you can more nutrients into the hair follicles

Why is exfoliating the scalp important?

Tarryn: “It’s the same as the rest of the face really. We want to increase cell turnover and get rid of the excess dead skin and sweat that can clog our follicles.”

Why is it important to take care of the scalp?

Tarryn: “A hair follicle incubates for two weeks before it comes to the surface, so looking after the scalp - keeping it nourished and supple - is going to allow the follicles to flourish, thereby allowing for thicker and healthier hair.”

Why do you love MONPURE?

Tarryn: “I love MONPURE because they put the scalp first, thereby creating healthy hair follicles that lead to healthy hair. It’s ethically sourced, recyclable, and the ingredients are beautiful.

What is your favourite MONPURE product?

Tarryn: “My favourite product is the Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum. As a skincare therapist, I love ingredients. It includes retinol, AHA and lots of vitamins that are amazing for the hair. I personally use it 3 to 4 times a week!”


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