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Meet Our Experts: Dr Simmy Kaur

Wednesday 28th April 21

5+ min read


Meet Dr. Simmy Kaur

Dr. Simmy Kaur is MONPURE’s Resident GP – providing her expertise for our customer queries, as well penning many of our science-led articles for The Journal.  With more than 13 years of medical experience, Dr Simmy Kaur has worked in some of the busiest hospitals and GP clinics in London and regularly treats scalp conditions and hair loss. She also has a deep understanding of the emotional toll that hair loss can take, factoring in a patient’s psychological wellbeing as well as the physical side of this condition. We caught up Dr Simmy Kaur with her to find out more and know best scalp and haircare advice…

What made you become a GP? 

Well firstly, I love working with people! Secondly, general practice allows me to work across a wide variety of specialities - so it never gets boring! 

 What is it about the skin (and the scalp!) that fascinates you the most? 

I've always been interested in health and beauty from a young age, so I guess it was a natural progression! Its ability to heal and rejuvenate is something that I find particularly interesting - it's amazing how good skin and hair can transform how a person looks and feels. 

How can our GP help with the scalp and hair growth? 

GPs are the first point of call for anybody with skin or hair problems. They will be able to take a history of the problem, they'll be able to examine you if necessary and then suggest a treatment plan. There are a certain number of investigations and treatments that we can try in clinic, before referring to a dermatologist if required. 

What was it about MONPURE that made you want to become part of their team of experts? 

I love that MONPURE products are clean, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free. The formulas are backed by good science as well as being totally luxurious which I absolutely love! 

What's been the highlight of your career so far? 

It's hard to choose one particular highlight as there have been so many along the way, on my journey as a doctor but I think in general, working alongside my fellow colleagues in the NHS has been a real privilege and honour. Becoming part of the MONPURE team of experts has most certainly been a recent highlight!

 If you had to offer just once piece of scalp care advice, what would it be? 

Use good products, with great ingredients. 

What's the biggest misconception people have about their scalp in your opinion? 

I guess a lot of people treat the skin on the face and body differently to that of the scalp - the scalp deserves as much attention as the rest of the skin on the body in my opinion, which is a key ethos of MONPURE. 

What are the most common scalp complaints that your patients come to you with? 

The top 3 would have to be dry/flaky scalp, hair loss and hair thinning. 

What are the main causes of itchy/irritated scalp skin? 

There are lots, but the most common would be seborrheic dermatitis aka dandruff. Other common causes include contact dermatitis, scalp psoriasis and tinea capitis.

As well as topical solutions, what else can people do to maintain a healthy scalp and hair?

Taking a supplement can be helpful such as a good multivitamin and vitamin D. Biotin, iron, folic acid, b12, vitamin C, zinc, and collagen have also been associated with good hair growth but it’s equally important to have a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. It's also good to keep hair care practices such as colouring, perming and relaxing to a minimum.  

What's your favourite MONPURE product and why? 

I absolutely love the Clarifying Scalp Scrub! It makes my scalp feel really clean and exfoliates really well, which preps my scalp for the next step of my regime which is the MONPURE Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum - the exfoliation allows it to absorb better. 

How has the nature of your job changed over the past 12 months

I guess a lot has changed in healthcare but in particular, in general practice, a big change has been the way in which we conduct consultations - the vast majority are now done remotely via telephone, video consultation, picture sharing and web chats. This makes accessing healthcare in most cases more convenient and utilises modern technology. However nothing beats the good old fashioned human factor and seeing someone in person!

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