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Meet MONPURE's Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil

Thursday 01th September 22

hair health
5+ min read

Introducing MONPURE’s newest and most innovative solution that delivers nourishment and shine to your hair, the Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil. The fast-absorbing Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil is specifically designed for fine hair types, with its ultralight, weightless consistency, it won’t weigh down hair and leaves it shiny, healthy and silky to the touch.

The Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil supremely nourishes hair strands, while sealing down the cuticle, protecting hair from heat damage, enhancing shine and cultivating healthier and softer feeling hair. Formulated with innovative antioxidants and protective ingredients, this groundbreaking solution is your source to healthy, hydrated hair.

One hair oil, four ways!

MONPURE’s new Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil is a hair health multitasker, working to improve the condition, health and appearance of the hair. From a daily refresher, to a styling protector to an indulgent treatment, the Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil can do it all.

A Styler

Use the Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil as a styler to eliminate frizz and smooth flyaways without weighing down fine locks. This innovative hair oil gives your hairstyle the perfect shine and smoothness without leaving it greasy or heavy.

A Treatment

The Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil is the perfect treatment to replenish moisture to dry and damaged strands while protecting from heat damage, breakage and sealing down the vulnerable cuticle. 

A Protector

The Ultralight Healthy Healthy Oil’s fortifying ingredients work to strengthen fragile strands while delivering powerful protective and repairing benefits to heat damaged locks.

A Refresher

Look no further than the Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil for the ideal between-wash refresher, which delivers instant moisture, shine and silkiness to second or third day hair, breathing new life into fine hair.

Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil: The Ingredients

Let’s delve beneath the surface and discover the inner workings of MONPURE’s new Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil, with each innovative ingredient carefully selected to improve hair health, shine and condition with every use.

Vegan Keratin

Keratin is the protein naturally found in the hair, forming the building-blocks of its structure. Vegan keratin is a moisturising humectant that conditions and hydrates the hair, while also smoothing down the overlapping cells of the vulnerable cuticle layer. This vegan alternative to keratin also protects, strengthens and repairs fragile strands, as well as boosts shine, smoothness and elasticity.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a nutrient-dense essential oil that is extracted from castor beans, and holds a host of healing, hydrating and strengthening properties for the hair. Castor oil is extremely nourishing, with a nutritional makeup composed of a powerful blend of vitamins, fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants. This multitasking oil is perfect for nurturing fragile hair follicles and feeding strands ample doses of nutrients. 

Due to its high content of ricinoleic acid, castor oil also protects against hair breakage and fosters stronger strands. Castor oil is also a humectant, meaning it is excellent at locking in moisture and enhancing shine. 

Wheat Germ Oil

Known as ‘liquid gold for the hair’, wheat germ oil is the ideal antidote for hair damage, including everything from heat styling, colour changes and rough brushing. Wheat germ oil is the richest natural source of Vitamin E, and consists of a long chain of fatty acids that include Vitamin E and linoleic acid. Derived from the seed embryo of the wheat plant, this nourishing oil delivers significant benefits to the hair, helping boost hydration, maintain moisture, repair damage and strengthen the strands. 

Due to its high potency of Vitamin E, wheat germ oil boosts and maintains moisture levels in dry hair. It also repairs existing damage from heat, colour or environmental stress, while also preventing future damage and breakage. The emollient properties in wheat germ oil create a softer, smoother and more supple finish to the hair.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubiquinol) has a potent antioxidant effect on the hair and is key for fighting oxidative stress and free radicals on the hair. This unique ingredient is also effective at maintaining youthful, shiny looking hair. 

Coenzyme is a powerful bioactive anti-ageing agent that stimulates the gene expression of different hair keratins, especially those which are reduced during ageing processes in hair follicles. When applied to the scalp, Coenzyme Q10 also increases cellular energy and blood flow which can support the high energy demands needed for hair follicles to grow and prosper. 

Organic Jojoba Seed Oil

Organic jojoba seed oil is the liquid extract from the seeds of the simmondsia chinensis plant, which holds boundless moisturising and hair-healthy benefits. Jojoba seed oil is a lightweight oil that seals moisture into the strands and delivers essential nutrients that strengthen locks from within. The versatile oil contains Vitamins E, B and C, and well as copper and zinc, making it perfect for fortifying strands, promoting thickness and nourishing dry strands. 

Organic jojoba seed oil is effective at taming flyaways and frizz due to its ability to seal in moisture and fill in cracks in the cuticle. This also allows jojoba seed oil to repair damage from heat styling and prevent future breakage, as well as impart a beautiful glossy shine to the strands.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is derived from the kernels of the argan tree, and holds a myriad of hair-healthy benefits. Brimming with essential fatty acids renowned for their moisturising and antioxidant properties, argan oil regulates moisture, nourishes, strengthens and smoothes the hair, while restoring silkiness and shine. 

Due to its high potency in antioxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, argan oil naturally increases hair’s elasticity and restores dull, lifeless hair to its healthiest form possible. Argan oil also helps protect hair from mechanical stress, allowing it to look and feel healthy in the face of blow drying, curling or straightening.


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