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Copenhagen Fashion Week Presents MONPURE X A. ROEGE HOVE

Saturday 05th February 22

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Copenhagen Fashion Week

MONPURE London partnered with conceptual knitwear designer A. ROEGE HOVE for Copenhagen Fashion Week 2022. MONPURE powered all things hair behind the scenes, working with stylist Josephine Mai to create show-stopping looks crafted with our multi-award winning scalp and hair care solutions. 

The show executed a fresh take on knitwear production, engineered to minimise waste, foster versatility and celebrate artisanal techniques, enhanced by sleek and effortless hairstyles, powered by MONPURE. The collaboration took Copenhagen Fashion Week by storm, staying true to the global necessity for sustainability and responsible sourcing that lies at the heart of both brands.


As pioneers in the haircare and fashion arenas, MONPURE and A. ROEGE HOVE uphold and celebrate a commitment to sustainability and local craftsmanship - ensuring that our modes of production do not exist at the expense of people or the planet. A.ROEGE HOVE is a conceptual knitwear brand, defined by experimenting with traditional knitwear techniques and challenging perceptions of shape and material. 

Behind the Scenes at Copenhagen Fashion Week

MONPURE partnered with talented, industry-revered session stylist, Josephine Mai, to create an array of phenomenal runway hairstyles to elevate the garments.

The exciting new MONPURE product made an exclusive preview appearance at Copenhagen Fashion Week, and was a superstar solution for runway-ready hairstyles backstage. This mystery elixir was perfect for protecting the model’s hair from heated styling tools, boosting shine and taming flyaways. Keep your eyes peeled for this extremely lightweight addition to the MONPURE range, which works to create beautiful styles while protecting and nourishing the hair. 

The Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum was an essential step for Josephine and her team, prepping the model’s hair before styling. The serum was applied to the models’ scalp in sections as a quenching calming antidote - ensuring their irritated or dry scalps were moisturised and conditioned before the session stylists began working their magic.

The Strengthening Essence-Conditioner was used as a hydrating leave-in conditioner and styling product to give the models’ hairstyles a sleek, wet-look and effortless appearance. Resembling a skincare essence with its lightweight consistency, the conditioner nourishes fine hair without feeling greasy or weighing it down, making it the ideal solution to deliver shine and texture to runway-ready styles.

The Heal and Energise Jade Comb was used to massage the products into the scalp and build up volume into the roots. The stimulating comb was also used to craft the hair into a combed back style and distribute the conditioner evenly throughout the roots.

Many of the models confided in us backstage that they had very fine hair, and found that a lot of products tend to weigh their hair down.The MONPURE range is perfect for women with this hair type, championing lightweight and skincare-inspired solutions that deliver body, volume, strength and nourishment to fine and thin hair without leaving the strands greasy or heavy.

I just had my hair done with MONPURE and I can’t wait to walk in the show. It’s so lovely to come to the show and have really nice products applied to my hair. My hair is fine so I love products that give me extra volume.”

Backstage Interviews

The MONPURE team sat down with founder and designer Amalie Røge Hove and session stylist Josephine Mai to discuss everything from the MONPURE collaboration, the importance of sustainability and how the MONPURE products were used to create the incredible hair looks.

Interview with designer and founder Amalie Røge Hove

Why is A.ROEGE HOVE’s partnership with Monpure the perfect fit for your brand?

Amelie: “I think for our second show at Copenhagen Fashion Week I really wanted to choose partners that share our values. I think it was really important finding someone with a focus on responsible products. For us, it’s a big part of our production, the way we design and the way we think in our everyday lives. It’s also really important to find a brand that has the luxury touch that is a nice fit for our clothes and aesthetic, so I’m really happy to partner with MONPURE for this show.”

Why are sustainability and responsibility so important to you?

Amalie: “From the beginning I wanted to take full advantage of the possibilities of knitwear. The craft of knitwear allows you to create garments with zero waste. It’s really important to me that when we take these crafts we bring them to life with technology that we can fully take advantage of - so why not produce zero waste when you can.”

Can you tell us more about the collection?

Amalie: “The collection we are showing today has been about showing the knitwear in a new context. We wanted a little bit more of a mature look but also something that could be layered, where you can see all of the textures together. This is why we want the look on the models to be a little bit more determined and have the feel of a power woman!”

What inspired the styling of the hair?

Amalie: “We went for a natural look but still something that is quite textural. You can really see how the product just makes all of the models look really effortless. I think it really added something extra to the styling. We worked with so many different women, and I can see how the product really worked well for all of them.”

Interview with session stylist Josephine Mai

Can you please tell us how you’re using the MONPURE products on the models?

Josephine: “Today we’re doing a very sleek look. We’re using the conditioner to tame the hair and hold it in place. We are using the *mystery product* for the thicker hair to give it a nice shine. I think it's great that you can work with conditioner as a styling product and you don't have to use a lot of product. We have been using the jade comb to massage the scalp and build up volume, it’s super super nice. For the scalp we used the Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum

​​What do you like about the MONPURE products?

Josephine: I love that the products aren't heavy on the hair, they are very light. You can build them up, and they really sink into the hair and scalp. I have been using a conditioner a lot, I love it because you can really work it in. The *mystery product* is also super amazing!”

Hitting the Runway

Powered by MONPURE for all things hair, the collection showcased 27 looks, and took place at experimental exhibition space for contemporary art O - Overgaden.

The show featured an array of the brand’s signature figure-hugging conceptual knitwear. With the commitment to create silhouettes that are both luxury and comfortable, the collection was presented for all body types, transcending seasons and occasions.

The garments ranged from asymmetric mini dresses, mini cardigans, long knit leggings and knitted accessories, including classic shades of black and white and vibrant splashes of burgundy and blue. MONPURE’s range enhanced the aesthetic of the show with sleek, effortless and wet-look styles. 

MONPURE X A. ROEGE HOVE - Our Shares Ethos of Sustainability

Both brands, MONPURE and A. ROEGE HOVE, hold the pillars of sustainability, responsible sourcing and local craftsmanship very close to our hearts. As a pending B-corp, cruelty-free, PETA approved and vegan scalp and hair care brand, MONPURE pledges to safeguard environmental and social impact over profit margins. 

Drawing on a rich culture of Danish craftsmanship and artistry, each piece in A. ROEGE HOVE’s collection is produced in Europe on domestic knitting machines in Copenhagen. This ensures that the level of artistic quality and longevity of the garments are versatile staples in one’s wardrobe. The everlasting pieces are engineered to be produced with minimal or zero waste, using high quality European materials such as German monofilament and Italian cotton.

Based in Copenhagen, founder Amalie Røge Hove has a masters in textile design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She created the brand in 2019 to bring her innovative vision of knitwear to life.

Amalie Røge Hove’s outlook on sustainability is about inspiring people to use and treasure artistically crafted styles in multiple ways, foregoing the idea of seasonal trends and embracing unique combinations that can remain evergreen in one’s wardrobe. This is championed by the brand’s decision to only create two collections per year. Moving away from the traditional seasonal production cycle and toward a more seasonless calendar focuses on longevity and garments that transcend seasons.

 MONPURE’s products are sustainably sourced from all over Europe and supercharged in German laboratories. We pride ourselves in only working with consciously selected suppliers of the highest standards, who align with our ethos. Each of our suppliers have been handpicked for meeting the highest ethical standards standards, while our packaging is composed of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (rPET), fully biodegradable and compostable packaging chips, as well as recyclable shipping boxes.

We are proud to have partnered with such an innovative, creative and sustainable force in Copenhagen’s fashion industry, whose advances in zero waste production, responsible sourcing and local craftsmanship truly align with our own - and lie at the heart of MONPURE.  


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