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Monpure London X Aaron King: The Summer Hair Reset

Thursday 22th June 23

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5+ min read

Introducing the MONPURE Summer Hair Reset. We partnered with renowned celebrity hair stylist, Aaron King, for an exclusive session held at crâne, Aaron's new private hair studio in West Hollywood, to experience how MONPURE’s 4-step system can help you defy the rising temperatures and achieve a healthy scalp and strands this summer season.

Aaron King's clientele and expertise in hair styling have garnered him a reputation as one of the industry's leading professionals. Having worked with esteemed celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Camilla Morrone, Alessandro Ambrosio, Rocky Barnes, and Dakota Johnson, Aaron brought his wealth of experience and celebrity expertise to the collaboration.

"As a hairstylist, I've not only witnessed the role hair plays in identity and its impact on confidence but also how styling products and heat can damage your hair, leading to product buildup on the scalp and hair loss issues.” - Aaron King, Celebrity Hair Stylist

VIP guests included editors and journalists from prestigious publications such Byrdie, Harper’s Bazaar and WhoWhatWear, to name a few. Press were treated to an exclusive scalp health and styling session with MONPURE at crâne, where Aaron shared his secret to a summer hair reset using MONPURE’s innovative 4-step system. 

During the summer months, our scalps are exposed to environmental factors like UV rays, heat, humidity, and increased sweat production. These factors can lead to an imbalanced scalp, resulting in issues such as dryness, oiliness, dandruff, and itchiness. By prioritising scalp health, Aaron King uses MONPURE’s 4-step regime to lay a strong foundation for healthy hair growth during the summer months. 

The 4-Step System: Aaron King’s Summer Hair Reset

“Scalp health is vital for maintaining gorgeous hair, which is why I’m delighted to collaborate with MONPURE and share their transformative scalp and hair care solutions with my clients. Their results-driven range offers a luxurious approach to nourishing the scalp and rebuilding the natural strength of the hair, focusing on health and wellness." - Aaron King, Celebrity Hair Stylist

Aaron revealed the 4 essential steps for healthier hair this summer using MONPURE’s award-winning products. As the first to bring active ingredients, such as retinol, into haircare, MONPURE are pioneering science and wellness into the hair care category, going beyond styling to rebuild the natural strength of hair. 


Massage the Clarifying Scalp Scrub into the scalp-skin to buff away build-up, flakes and summer sweat as a pre-wash treatment.


Lather the Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo into the scalp and roots. This strengthens fragile strands and protects the scalp, follicles and hair from environmental damage.


Massage the Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask into the scalp-skin to feed the follicles essential nutrients, creating the optimum environment for hair growth.


Apply the Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum to irritated areas to calm scalp sunburn, boost hydration and repair the scalp-skin barrier.

Follow Aaron King's expert advice and upgrade your hair game this summer with MONPURE's 4-step scalp care regime.



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