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Monpure London Partners with Designer Chanel Joan Elkayam for Luxury Fashion Show

Saturday 18th March 23

life & style ,partnerships
5+ min read

Monpure London partnered with luxury womenswear designer Chanel Joan Elkayam for her latest runway collection at Grosvenor House in Mayfair, London. MONPURE created gorgeous, runway-ready hair with a team of professional hairstylists backstage, led by Andrew Joseph Manion.

The partnership between the two British brands upholds MONPURE and Chanel Elkayam’s shared ethos of empowering women and celebrates a commitment to craft, sophistication and luxury. The collaboration celebrates the brands’ attention to detail and love for the luxury experience, in both the fashion and beauty spheres. The fashion show debuted Chanel Joan Elkayam’s favourite pieces from across her collections, showcasing opulent evening gowns and gorgeous tailoring.

“I own my own luxury women's wear brand called Chanel Joan Elkayam. We create clothing that empowers the wearer. We're really pleased to be partnering with MONPURE. The collection today included the best-selling pieces from one of my recent collections. We hosted a Lady's Lunch and a runway show in aid of Action For Children. - Chanel Joan Elkayam

Exuding sophistication and glamour in her designs, Chanel Joan Elkayam is the youngest fashion designer to exhibit a couture collection in Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. This remarkable feat makes Chanel Joan Elkayam the youngest fashion designer in history to achieve the ‘big four’ fashion weeks across the globe by the age of 20 years old.

MONPURE is delighted to be partnering with this trailblazing fashion designer, whose mission is to create unique, timeless works of art that empower the wearer. Take a peek behind the scenes to experience the elegance, sophistication and luxury of the collaboration between scalp and hair health leaders, MONPURE, and pioneering fashion designer, Chanel Joan Elkayam.

“I believe in MONPURE and everything they are doing to empower women. They understand the importance of hair to a woman’s confidence and have create incredible products for the healthiest hair ever.” - Chanel Joan Elkayam

Your Invitation Backstage

Professional session stylists, led by Andrew Joseph Manion, used The Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil on damp hair to deliver heat protection before styling, as well strength, health and shine to models’ hairstyles before stepping out on the runway.

Get the Look

  •  Start by applying a few drops of MONPURE’s Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil to damp hair before heat styling. This forties fragile strands while protecting from heat damage.
  • Section the top half of the hair and secure. Dry and style hair using a round brush and hairdryer, with air flow travelling down to straighten strands.
  • Create a natural centre part, tuck hair behind ears and secure a low ponytail.
  • Wrap the ponytail with hair to conceal the hairband, twist the ponytail into a low bun or divide the ponytail into sections to create a cascading braid.
  • Add shine, tame flyaways and deliver moisture to the hairstyle with a finishing touch of the Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil.

“I'm using this product from MONPURE, the Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil, with vegan keratin.” It's really good for moisturising and nourishing the hair. Today we are using it to create sleek looks for the runway. We put it on wet hair before styling and then blow dry it in. Once we style, it helps smooth the hair and adds a lovely shine. It's so soft and lightweight, and smells amazing! I definitely recommend it.” - Andrew Joseph Manion

“The Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil is one of my favourite products. I use it on my hair when it's damp and it absorbs really quickly. My hair feels light and shiny.” - Chanel Joan Elkayam

The gorgeous hairstyles perfected and enhanced the designer's vision, rooted in sophistication and simplicity. From ornate waterfall braids to out-of-this-world shiny low buns, there was something so special about seeing the stylists at work backstage creating gorgeous works of art, bringing Chanel’s design vision to life.

Backstage Moments

Many of the models backstage shared love for the Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil, expressing how they loved its luxurious scent, lightweight texture and incredible hydrating properties. Models with fine hair confided in us that a lot of products tend to weigh their hair down, and were impressed by the fast-absorbing formula of the product. The MONPURE range is perfect for women with this hair type, championing lightweight and skincare-inspired solutions that deliver body, volume, strength and nourishment to fine and thin hair without leaving the strands greasy or heavy.

“The hair oil smells like spring and fresh flowers from a tree, it smells really good. It makes my hair so shiny, soft and very nourished. I really love this hair oil, I want to stop using everything else.”

“The texture is really nice, it's light and not oily at all. It diffuses into the hair really well, almost instantly. It makes my hair feel really nourished, shiny and it feels like it's glowing. It’s super lightweight, natural. I love the smell, texture and effect.”

“I love the smell, it's very elegant and smells like a mature, feminine woman. I love the fact that it has castor oil in it, it's vegan and it smells like jasmine. It’s making my hair look very luxurious and shiny.”

Supporting Action for Children

The fashion show event, in partnership with MONPURE, was in support of the Action for Children charity. Action for Children is a UK charity that helps vulnerable children and young people by delivering services and support in the areas of family intervention, education, counselling, disability support, adoption, and other areas of disadvantage. We are honoured to support raising funds and awareness for such a worthwhile cause.

MONPURE is proudly partnered with Chanel Joan Elkayam, with both British brands sharing the ethos of empowering the wearer and upholding a commitment to craft and sophistication in the beauty and fashion luxury spheres. 


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