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Scalp Psoriasis Before And After: James' Story

Wednesday 08th December 21

scalp health
5+ min read

James' Battle with Scalp Psoriasis

James has been suffering from psoriasis and scalp irritation all over his head and scalp for 3 years, and has tried many products and shampoos on the market - but to no avail. Battling with this chronic skin condition has had a major impact on his confidence, as he is particularly conscious of the redness, inflammation and flakes around his hairline.

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After battling to find the right solution for him, James came across MONPURE, as he had heard all about our focus on the dermatological condition of the scalp and alleviating symptoms of conditions such as psoriasis. We wanted to help James effectively relieve his psoriasis and mitigate its symptoms, and so he embarked on his 11 week journey with us.


MONPURE's Regime for Alleviating Scalp Psoriasis

James consistently documented his 11 week scalp psoriasis before and after journey using the Shampoo + Conditioner duo, as well as the Triple Hydration Hit.


Scalp Psoriasis Before and After with MONPURE

Week 1

“I found in my early weeks I would put the serum on my hairline before I left the house and it immediately made it look less red and flakey making me more confident when leaving the house.”

Week 3

“When coming into my third week I started to see some slight changes in the way that my hair felt a lot stronger and healthier. However, my scalp was still rather dry, itchy and flakey.”

Week 5

“Week 5 was when I started to see a significant change in my head and scalp and a lot of the itching and redness was starting to be relieved. I found that the scalp scrub would relieve all of the flakey bits and itching I was experiencing and I followed it a day or so later with the scalp mask which I found brought the redness down. Once I had this process in my routine for a little while I started to feel the effects it was having.”

Week 7

“Week 7 was very similar to week 5 in terms of progress but my scalp felt considerably better than when I started but there were still some days where it was irritated, red and itchy.”

Week 9

“When coming into week 9 my scalp was feeling relieved, soothed and my hair was feeling a lot healthier. Often I would get comments from my friends and family noticing that my head looked a lot healthier which boosted my confidence a lot as I was always conscious of people noticing my scalp, whether that be dry or red.”

Week 11

“Coming into my final week my head and hair feels completely different to when I started my course. Once I was in a weekly routine of what products to use and when I found that all of the products compliment themselves very well and made a fantastic impact on my scalp, my hair and my confidence. There are still some days where my scalp looks slightly red but the itching and flakey scalp I had gotten so used to prior to using Monpure products have nearly completely gone.”

“I would 100% recommend MONPURE to anyone battling psoriasis and scalp irritation. My psoriasis has visibly reduced, my scalp feels less irritated, my hair looks fuller as a result, and the products have improved my confidence.” - James




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