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MONPURE Reviews With Really Ree

Saturday 25th July 20

5+ min read

Really Ree on MONPURE

If there’s any breaking news in the beauty world, chances are you heard it from Really Ree Founded by Anne-Marie Lodge aka ‘Ree’ back in 2010, she has since amassed half a million readers per month, as her straight-talking and honest review style have made her a trusted name in the industry.

She is a huge fan of MONPURE, here is what she had to say about the range:

My scalp was in a terrible state at the start of lockdown. I have always suffered with dryness and flakiness, much to my shame during my school years and beyond, and I’ve lived ready to make sure there’s no evidence of this around my hairline or on my clothes for as long as I can remember. I know I do a good job of this because people are often surprised that I have scalp problems.

It gets worse with stress, which was very noticeable at the start of enforced home-time, and it was sore, red and peeling. It’s hard to feel good about your hair with the constant discomfort of an inflamed scalp.

Since I have been using my MONPURE regime – which is about six weeks now – my scalp is behaving really well, and my hair stays looking shinier, more alive and bouncier, in spite of the fact that I haven’t had it cut in longer that I care to confess! Plus my hair stays feeling clean, even if I have worked out and sweated a bit. The shampoo has anti-bacteria technology that I believe is key here.

Also, the products are amazing if you colour your hair. I have only had to do my colour once in the whole of lockdown because it hasn’t faded at all. Only now do I need a bit of a root touch up where it has grown out.

(Read the rest of her review here.) We were delighted when Ree agreed to team up with MONPURE on a recent collection, where we asked her to pick her top three favourites from the range:

Clarifying Scalp Scrub

“I use this once a week, and I literally sit in the shower and massage it into the roots for at least 3 minutes. I often do it for longer because it feels so good. Since I have been using this, the flakiness on my scalp has pretty much vanished.”

Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo

“This is ‘clean’ in a bottle! You only need a small amount massaged right into the roots to enhance that instantly clean feel. It is not super foamy, but I can feel it lifting away any impurities and build-up, invigorating my scalp and ‘silkifying’ my hair (in a non silicone way).”

Strengthening Essence-Conditioner

“Forget gloopy thick conditioners … this is pretty different! It has an extremely lightweight texture, designed to be used on the scalp and hair. Like a skincare essence, it floods the hair and scalp with lightweight hydration. A little goes a long way.”

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