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How Stress Affects Hair Loss

Wednesday 25th November 20

hair health
5+ min read

While small amounts of stress can actually be a good thing (many of us relish a challenge and thrive on the adrenaline rush!), in large doses it can start to take its toll. It affects our moods, our sleep, our relationships, productivity and – in the case of chronic stress – our mental health. And when it comes to scalp discomfort and hair loss, stress is a huge factor, as MONPURE resident dermatologist, Dr Sue Ann Chan explains. 

“Stress whether acute or chronic doesn’t just affect our mental health; our skin is perhaps one of the main organs acutely affected by it. Where the scalp is concerned, stress can cause our underlying skin conditions to become worse or even trigger a severe flare up. These include inflammatory skin conditions such as atopic eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis (which leads to dandruff), psoriasis, scalp lupus and also alopecia.”

Hence a little bit of self-care – and scalpcare – can go a long way when it comes to managing stress and warding off issues like hair loss. 

When it comes to scalp health, MONPURE have adopted a holistic approach that goes beyond topical treatment. Hence why we have created our beautiful new range of accessories – or as we like to call them, ‘objects of desire’ – that elevate everyday objects to stunning levels of craftsmanship, and make a stressful day that little bit more bearable.

Perfect as stocking fillers, or just as an exquisite treat-to-self. Collect them all


Heal and Energise Jade Comb - £39

Designed to work in tandem with the rest of MONPURE’s range, our elegant Heal and Energise Jade Comb helps to relieve tension in the scalp, stimulate hair follicles and gently detangle hair. Inspired by traditional Chinese health rituals, combing the scalp stimulates meridian channels that run throughout the body, helping to regulate mood, improve blood circulation and promote positive energy.

Pure Silk Face Mask - £20

Carry a little bit of MONPURE luxury with you throughout the day; upgrade your disposable face mask for MONPURE’s oh-so-covetable alternative. Made from 100% mulberry silk that won’t irritate sensitive skin, it features adjustable elastic ear loops and nose wire, so it will sit comfortably – and not awkwardly – on your face. 

Style and Protect Silk Scrunchie Trio - £23.50

Taking the humble hair tie to stylish new heights, this trio of Scrunchies has been specially created using the highest grade 100% mulberry silk. Extremely soft on your delicate strands, while keeping your style in place, they’re destined to become a treasured part of your haircare regime. 

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