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The MONPURE 2022 Round Up

Tuesday 20th December 22

life & style ,press
5+ min read

As we wave goodbye to 2022, MONPURE wants to take the opportunity to reflect on some of our most exciting and significant moments in the year, from winning an array of incredible awards, to charity partnerships and exciting new product launches. We feel exceptionally honoured to receive recognition for our solutions, as well as our expansion and partnerships over 2022.

Our Latest Innovations

In September 2022, MONPURE launched its newest and most innovative solution yet: the Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil. The fast-absorbing Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil was specifically designed for fine hair types, with its ultralight, weightless consistency, it doesn’t weigh down fine hair and leaves it shiny, healthy and silky to the touch.

The new product launch marked the world's first lightweight hair oil that not only enhances shine, boosts moisture and delivers nutrients, but also improves the health of the hair. It seals down the cuticle, shields hair from environmental aggressors, protects the strands from heat damage and beats breakage.

It is carefully formulated with high-performance ingredients. Repairing vegan keratin rebuilds damaged hair, innovative Coenzyme Q10 holds antioxidant properties that work to improve hair health, wheat germ oil is the most powerful natural source of Vitamin E and works like a hydrating antidote for hair damage, while nutrient-rich castor oil enhances shine and nurtures fragile follicles.

We are exceptionally proud of our latest product launch, which has been met with astounding feedback from our loyal customers.

“It’s magic for frizzy hair. Light, doesn’t weigh my hair down and actually works.” - Sadia

“Does exactly what it says! Super light when using the product which I love! Unlike other oils that can feel heavy and sticky when applying. Once my hair is dry I feel such a difference!” - Gemma

“Having used this oil on my fine, damaged hair for a week now, I have noticed some improvement in both my hair health and its appearance. The hair strands seem to have acquired more elasticity and their overall appearance has improved.” - Julia

“I can’t fault this. It provides a body without the weight. It smells fantastic, too. I was surprised at the size of the bottle, which is massive.” - Ed

Supporting Pioneering Research

MONPURE is dedicated to finding a real solution to hair loss and hair thinning. This year, we are extremely proud to be funding innovative research with the leading universities in the world to advance all hair and scalp science.

MONPURE is working on getting a better understanding of the human hair follicle and its regenerative properties.

How We’re Giving Back

The Little Princess Trust

This year and every year since our inception, we have been proudly partnered with the Little Princess Trust Charity. At MONPURE, we are committed to highlighting and supporting the emotional impact of hair loss. A charity very close to our hearts, the Little Princess Trust provides free real-hair wigs to children and young people aged 24 and under who have lost their hair through cancer or other illness.

Together with providing free real hair wigs, the charity is also supporting research into less aggressive and toxic cancer treatments, as well as researching the causes of paediatric cancer, in the hope that one day, such a charity will no longer be needed. For more information, visit

MONPURE is very honoured to be supporting The Little Princess Trust. You can make a donation at checkout with any MONPURE purchase, with every penny going directly to the charity. During the holiday period, with every gift set sold, MONPURE donated 10% of profits to The Little Princess Trust Charity. 

Children with Cancer

MONPURE proudly attended and supported the Children with Cancer UK ball. The Ball saw over 800 guests, including Martin Freeman and Nicola Roberts, at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel.

The event raised over £700,000 to help fund the charity’s ground-breaking research into the treatment of childhood cancers.


We are continuing to support, build a community and be a force for change for women who have experienced hair loss. 

Did you know that only 45% of women go through life with a full head of hair? Many affected by hair loss are often told “it's just hair”. But for a lot of women, hair is intrinsically linked to identity. In fact, studies have shown that 81% of women with hair loss feel that there is more of a social stigma attached to female hair loss compared to male, while 62% of women feel that hair is an important aspect of their self-esteem. So experiencing hair loss – be it alopecia, postpartum or even stress-related hair loss – can impact our mental health and self-worth, due to the shame and taboo surrounding the topic.

We became the first haircare brand in the world that is trying to change this, by bringing female hair loss into the spotlight – and erasing the stigma and silence that surrounds it. Let's break the taboo together – join in the community and share your story by following the @itsnotjusthair Instagram page.

How We’re Improving

Good Housekeeping Institute

One of MONPURE’s proudest achievements in 2022 was receiving the award for Best Hair Growth Serum by some of the industry’s most prestigious publications. In July 2022, we took home the gold for the industry’s best performing hair growth serum, according to Good Housekeeping, ELLE UK, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Red Online and PRIMA.

Our Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum triumphed in Good House Keeping Institute’s rigorous scientific testing methods. It was ranked by a panel of 285 beauty testers and in-house experts for eight weeks. After the trial, our hair growth elixir took first place for the best signs of hair thickening, strengthening, regrowth and scalp soothing.

The Good Housekeeping experts used a Hair Metrix machine in their labs to analyse hair follicles and assess each serum’s hair growth abilities.

“Best Hair Growth Serum”

“It sped up growth and reduced breakages for nearly everyone. If that wasn't enough, our testers enjoyed healthier heads of hair after the trial. Our entire panel spotted fewer pesky split-ends and many saw added volume and mirror-like shine.” - Charlotte Bitmead

Good Housekeeping Institute

We were thrilled to be awarded Best Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Conditioner by Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health Magazine and PRIMA. 

Good Housekeeping gave 700 testers – all with self-diagnosed mild to extreme hair loss or thinning – a shampoo and conditioner set to trial for between one and two months.

Testers made a note of any differences they saw to their scalp and hair condition over the trial period, as well as how hair felt after each wash. The panel included women with a range of hair types, from straight to afro hair.

In the GHI lab, they also assessed anti-breakage shampoos by combing through hair swatches that were treated with the products and comparing them to untreated hair. The easier the treated hair was to comb, the lower the risk of hair breakages and fall out in real life.

MONPURE’s Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo and Strengthening Essence-Conditioner were the top-scorers in the ‘anti-breakage’ category, with 87% of testers noting less hair fallout and 80% saying hair felt noticeably stronger. Hair also felt softer after use, making it easier to detangle and style, while those with natural curls saw a reduction in flyaways. An impressive 93% said they would continue to use these products after the trial.

We are extremely proud of this achievement, which demonstrates the scientific-grounding and high-performance results of our innovative range.

The Telegraph

MONPURE was awarded The Telegraph’s:The best sustainable beauty brands to try for an eco-friendly 2022.  for our unique blend of luxury meets science: 

“Caring for both scalps and hair, its luxury feeling, high-tech and holistic formulas are blended with potent actives like lactic acid, retinol and jojoba beads, which are sustainably sourced from all over Europe for the ultimate skinification.” - Emilie Hill

Country & Town House

MONPURE’s Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo was voted Best shampoo for protecting the hair and scalp by Country & Town House.

“Prevent your hair colour from being compromised with MONPURE’s Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo, which uses natural coconut-derived cleansing agents, hydrating aloe vera, strengthening vegan silk peptides, and keratin to help fortify frail strands. The vegan peptides in particular are credited with creating a breathable ‘second skin’ on both the scalp and hair, protecting against the effects of pollution, irritants, and bacteria.” - Rebbeca Cox

How We’re Growing

Copenhagen Fashion Week 

In January 2022, MONPURE premiered at Copenhagen Fashion Week, partnering with conceptual knitwear designer A. Røge Hove. MONPURE powered all things hair behind the scenes, working with stylist Josephine Mai to create show-stopping looks crafted with our multi-award winning scalp and hair care solutions. 

The show executed a fresh take on knitwear production, engineered to minimise waste, foster versatility and celebrate artisanal techniques, enhanced by sleek and effortless hairstyles, powered by MONPURE. The collaboration took Copenhagen Fashion Week by storm, staying true to the global necessity for sustainability and responsible sourcing that lies at the heart of both brands.

The show was featured in Vogue Scandinavia after MONPURE powered all-things-hair backstage at A. Røge Hove’s AW22 runway at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Josephine Mai, the leading session stylist for the show, celebrated scalp care as the secret to hair health. She created the perfect slicked-back wet hair looks for the runway using MONPURE’s Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum, Strengthening Essence-Conditioner and the Heal and Energise Jade Comb. She gave a quote highlighting the importance of scalpcare to Vogue Scandinavia:

“Most people care a lot about their hair, but very little about their scalp. It’s definitely about time to look more into scalp health.” - Josephine Mai

Hair Oil Launch Events in New York & London

In September 2022, MONPURE hosted exclusive launch events for our latest product, the Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil, in New York and London. The events were attended by the city's most esteemed editors, influencers and celebrity hair stylists, creating exquisite looks with the new release.

Premiering in New York City at the famed Bowery Hotel in downtown Manhattan, the star-studded launch event in New York featured celebrity hair stylist, Tommy Buckett. Influencers and editors across NYC were invited to luxury blow-dry & styling treatments. Influencers included New York it-girls such as Hailey Sani and ThePouf. Top editors that attended the event included those from Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health Magazine, Allure and Oprah Daily.

The London launch event took place at the renowned DryBy hair salon in Central London. Distinguished guests were treated to luxury blow-dry & styling treatments featuring the new Ultralight Healthy Hair Oil. Attendees included editors from some of the UK’s most prestigious publications, including Good Housekeeping, Mail Online and Women's Health Magazine. 

How We’re Featured

Financial Times

In March 2022, MONPURE’s Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum was featured in the Financial Time’s article How to hold on to your hair, lads, which shone a spotlight on the best solutions to prevent hair loss.

"Monpure’s Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum is one of several products introducing retinols to decongest the scalp and follicles. The serum also contains pumpkin seed extract, which inhibits the production of DHT.” - Rebecca Newman

Marie Claire

In March 2022, the Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum was once again revered as an industry-favourite hair growth treatment. It was featured in Marie Claire’s The best hair oil for growth and your hair type.

“Castor oil helps activate hair follicles by increasing blood flow to the scalp. Additionally, exfoliating retinol and lactic acid work to remove dead skin, which often inhibits hair growth. It also contains a special pumpkin seed extract, which research shows can help block an enzyme responsible for hair loss.” - Katie Thomas

Daily Mail Online & YOU

In June 2022, MONPURE was featured in Mail Online and Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine. Prominent British journalist, Liz Jones, shared her hair loss story with Mail Online.

Monpure & EF Medispa’s Rapunzel Method was highlighted as a treatment to 

boost new hair growth by targeting active follicles. The treatment features The Clarifying Scalp Scrub and the Hydrate And Soothe Scalp Serum, the latter of which is applied alongside advanced light therapy to boost the growth factors.

Condé Nast Traveller

In July 2022, MONPURE was spotlit among the 38 best sustainable beauty and well-being products good for the soul - and the planet. The Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo and its innovative ingredients were featured: 

“This is the first luxe hair product to focus entirely on the health of the scalp. The superpower of their products comes from vegan silk peptides instead of the trad silk-sourcing method which relied on silkworms, using 150kg of raw materials to produce just a kilo of silk. This cunning process relies only on fermenting plant starch.” -  Juliet Kinsman

HELLO Magazine

In August 2022, HELLO Magazine selected MONPURE’s Clarifying Scalp Scrub as one of the 11 best scalp scrubs for the cleanest, healthiest hair of your life:

“Monpure’s scalp scrub includes a line-up of happy hair favourite vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants, clinically proven to repair fragile hair strands and give the scalp a healthy boost.” - Carla Challis

Sunday Times Style

In November 2022, the Sunday Times Style featured MONPURE in The Trichologista-approved beauty routine. We were featured as pioneers among ‘scalpfluencers’, highlighting the Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum as a hero solution to cultivate hair growth and scalp health.

The best-selling scalp serum was coined ‘The Anti-Ager’ by Sunday Times Style:

“Luxury haircare brand MONPURE was one of the first to dedicate itself to scalp health. The daily scalp serum contains retinol and lactic acid, ingredients traditionally found in skincare that work to improve cell turnover and remove dead skin cells.” - Verity Clarke

At MONPURE, we are delighted to reflect on the accolades, partnerships and innovations over the past year. We accredit so many of our achievements and growth to our loyal MONPURISTS, who embarked on their hair and scalp journeys with us since our inception in 2020 and along the way. We are committed to pioneering results-driven scalp and hair health solutions, with the mission to empower women with the knowledge and understanding of their scalp and hair concerns during different milestones in their life. 


Discover award-winning, scientifically proven solutions that maximise hair and scalp health.

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