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The MONPURE Guide to Curly Hair Types

Wednesday 14th October 20

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5+ min read

Identifying Your Curly Hair Type

For ages those with curly hair types have been lumped together in one haircare category. But obviously curls come in many guises and at MONPURE we’re all about celebrating all curly hair types (because we’re a collective of haircare nerds when all’s said and done).

Recently curls have been classified into Types 1-4. If your hair isn’t poker straight (i.e. Type 1), then you should get to know your curl type and curl pattern, so you can have a better idea of how to treat and care for them. 

But there’s more – each of these hair types have subcategories A-C depending on how densely packed your curls are (and how thick your hair is).  

Three Curly Hair Types

Type 2 – Wavy Hair


This is the type of hair that’s not strictly ‘curly’, but not straight. The hair tends to fall in ‘S’ shapes, that can fall very loosely (2A) to more defined beach waves (2B) or hair that looks like it’s been crimped (2C) but doesn’t spiral around itself the way traditional curls do. Type 2 hair can benefit from products that won’t weigh it down or disrupt its natural wave pattern. Our Strengthening Essence-Conditioner contains zero silicones with a light milky texture that imbues hair with moisture without leaving it feeling heavy or greasy. 2C types can be most prone to frizz, so keep both your scalp and hair nourished with our Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask, containing conditioning camellia tea oil and aloe vera.

Type 3 – Curly Hair


This is the classic curl that falls into a neat spiral shape, which can be fine, medium or coarse. Curls can range from large (3A), to medium (3B) to tightly wound (3B). If you’re Type 3, go easy on the brushing or blow drying (unless using a diffuser) as it can make hair look ‘fluffy’ or frizzy. Type 3 hair – especially 3b and 3c – can be prone to breakage, so look for a mild shampoo that doesn’t contain harsh sulphates that will dry the hair out. Our Strengthening Silk-Protein Shampoo stars vegan silk peptides that create a breathable ‘second skin’ effect over the scalp and hair, and instead of sulphates uses a coconut-derived cleansing agent that’s 100% natural origin.  

Type 4 – Coily Hair


This curl pattern tends to be the most voluminous, where the hair is usually ‘E’ shaped (4A); in zig-zag shaped kinks (4B) or tight coils that are almost imperceptible to the naked eye (4C). 

Type 4 hair can be extremely fragile (especially 4C) and requires regular nourishment with hair butters, oils and leave-in conditioners to keep its hydration levels topped up. You might not want to wash and dry it every day – but your scalp still might need more frequent care. To keep your scalp-skin hydrated and reduce itching in-between washing, try our Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum, which contains toning witch hazel and hydrating aloe vera to relieve any irritation and dryness (it can also help combat sweat after a workout!).

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