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Scalp Care Is The New Skincare

Wednesday 06th January 21

scalp health
5+ min read

Model applying scalp serum

The Importance of Scalp Care

Did you know that scalp care is the new skincare? With the arrival of January, many of us think about overhauling our skincare regimes. If you make just one resolution, it should be to start caring for your scalp as well as the skin on your face. With the stress of the last 12 months, you might have seen an increase in issues such as scalp irritation, flakiness and increased hair loss, all of which MONPURE was created to treat.

The team behind MONPURE noticed that while many of us are passionate about skincare, we fail to devote the same attention to the skin on our scalp (even though it’s the most porous area on the body). Many of us know our retinols from our AHAs and Vitamin Es – and where and when to apply them on our face. But the fact that our scalps can hugely benefit from these wonderful ingredients too has passed a lot of us by – until now.  

Our beauty-savvy cousins in China have already cottoned on to this philosophy – 47% of Chinese consumers believe a healthy scalp equates to healthy hair. And where Asia leads in beauty innovations, no doubt the rest of the world will follow. That’s why we’re getting ahead of the trend early – dedicating January to learning how to care for our scalps in the same way we care for the skin on our face. But don’t worry - this doesn’t involve a drastic time-consuming overhaul of your current hair and skincare regimes. Just a few small changes – like massaging in a scalp scrub or serum with each hair wash – will bring about a big difference in how your scalp looks and feels. Not to mention improve hair growth and strength in the long-term.

So this month we’ll be giving you a little more insight into how our products work on a ‘skincare’ level, to boost scalp health and promote healthy hair growth. Even members of our team will be adopting some ‘scalp care is the new skincare’ habits to show you just how easy it is!

If you’re thinking of starting up a scalp-skincare regime (hint: you should) then MONPURE is the perfect place to begin. After all … and yes, we’ve said this so many times, but for the benefit of the people in the back row… skincare should not stop at your hairline!

Skincare Ingredients for the Scalp

Here are five ingredients that work wonders for your scalp as well as your face, proving that scalp care is the new skincare:

Witch Hazel

A natural toner and anti-inflammatory, it’s ideal for treating irritated scalps, as it’s historically been used in skincare remedies for ailments like rashes, insect bites, bruises and minor burns - and is renowned for calming sensitive skin. (Find it in our Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum)

Pro Vitamin B5

Once it’s applied topically to the skin, it’s converted into ‘pantothenic acid’ – this is great if your scalp is dry and flaky, as it penetrates the lower layers of skin – rapidly absorbing moisture and locking it in. It also helps stimulate cells that boost skin barrier function, locking in moisture and further reducing irritation. It’s also used to treat wounds and irritation, encouraging skin cell regeneration so your scalp is left fortified and soothed.

(Find it in our Strengthening Essence-Conditioner)


Also known as Vitamin A, retinol works to resurface the skin and speed up cell turnover. Highly prized in facial skincare for its anti-ageing properties, it works to strengthen the scalp and encourage skin cells to divide more rapidly, speeding up the production of collagen and elastic fibers that deplete as we age.

(Find it in our Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum)

Aloe Vera

You might already be familiar with this ingredient as a popular after-sun or sunburn remedy. It’s a succulent plant that grows in arid landscapes around the world and is full of what’s known as polysaccharides which are famous for their anti-inflammatory powers by inhibiting the effect of chemicals (enzymes) called cyclo-oxygenase (COX) enzymes. These COX enzymes release chemicals called prostaglandins which are involved in the production of pain and inflammation at sites of injury or damage. So less prostaglandin, means less irritation, itching and redness.

(Find it in our Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask)


Short for ‘alpha hydroxy acid’, AHAs work to chemically exfoliate the skin on your scalp and stimulate the production of collagen, by kick-starting the skin’s healing mechanisms. They work by loosening the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, allowing them to shed more effectively and enabling newer, healthier cells to emerge.

(Find them in our Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum)

Click here to discover more about the MONPURE scalp care range and the many wonderful things it can do for your scalp and hair.


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