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Why The Scalp Is The Hair’s Incubator

Wednesday 03th February 21

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The scalp is the hair’s incubator

At MONPURE we believe scalp health equals hair health – and thicker, fuller hair at that. Did you know your hair starts growing for two weeks before it even appears above the surface of the skin? What’s more, studies have shown that the scalp plays a crucial role as an incubatory environment for pre-emergent hair growth – and which directly impacts the quality of the hair once it starts to appear. 


Each hair on your head grows from, and through, an individual follicle on the scalp’s surface. The follicle also produces sebum via the sebaceous gland (the hair’s own conditioner if you will). The scalp is also made up of cells, which divide, die and shed once they make their way up to the surface. Too much sebum, and dead skin cells – together with product build up – can cause the hair follicles to become blocked which can impact how your hair grows through (the same goes for dandruff and inflammatory scalp conditions like psoriasis). In fact, permanently blocked or obstructed follicles may eventually stop growing hair at all. 

Where the health of your scalp-skin and subsequent hair growth is concerned, think of it like topsoil for growing grass. In gardening, the thicker the topsoil, the better the grass grows – this is because a thicker layer holds more hydration and nutrients to benefit the roots of the grass, so it grows through thicker and stronger. And something similar happens with your scalp-skin and hair (nature’s clever like that). Healthy scalp skin with a normal pH and normal thickness of the epidermis and dermis has been shown to boost hair growth and prevent excess shedding, which is why maintaining healthy scalp-skin is so important. (Scientists have observed that transplanted follicles grow better in healthy scalp skin than in scarred areas.)  Hair grows better in thicker scalp-skin, because the follicle roots are more hydrated and have access to all the nutrients they need in that crucial incubatory period. So when the scalp skin tends to get thinner due to age or oxidative stress such as pollution and sun damage, hair can start to grow through thinner and sparser as a result.

The ideal way to maintain healthy scalp-skin, aside from eating the right foods and protecting it from the sun (using a sun hat) is by using hair care products with the right ingredients and appropriate pH levels. This will ensure the hair follicles are clean and clear and will help increase cell growth and collagen in the scalp-skin epidermis. All of which can in turn lead to better hair growth. So adding topical solutions into your routine – such as our Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum and Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask – can help ‘feed’ the scalp with everything it needs to maintain and boost healthy hair growth. 

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