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Wimbledon 2023: British Heritage and Iconic Hairstyles

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As a luxury British brand, Monpure London is thrilled to be celebrating Wimbledon - the oldest tennis tournament in the world, in which thousands of fans, including British celebrities, flock to centre court to watch the iconic matches unfold. 

Since the first Wimbledon championship 125 years ago held in 1877, the tournament has been hosted by the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon in London and takes place over two weeks in June and July. It’s undeniable that Wimbledon is somewhat of a microcosm of British tradition, from the orderly queuing, traditional all-white tennis looks on the court and the patronage of Britain’s royal family. In fact, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has taken on the prestigious role as President of the All England Club. Even the strawberries and cream and Pimm’s and lemonade reign supreme as traditionally British symbols.

Being quintessentially British, MONPURE is excited to shine a light on exciting moments in our country’s legacy, history and culture, Wimbledon being no different. For well over a century, the tournament’s famed grass courts have set the stage for some of the most astonishing moments of athleticism and grace in sporting history.

Trusted by British Tennis Royalty

MONPURE is proudly supported by Judy Murray OBE, renowned tennis coach, ambassador, female mentor and mother of  British Wimbledon champion Andy Murray. Judy Murray is a loyal fan of the MONPURE range, and joined us for a video deep-dive on professional tips and tricks into treating and styling fine hair. 

“Because I swim everyday and obviously I’m sporty, I wash my hair most days. I think what I’ve learned from using MONPURE is that if you have a haircare routine in the same way you have a skincare routine, you get incredible results and it is absolutely worth investing in the products, but also investing in the time to get maximum results.” - Judy Murray OBE

Watch the full video on YouTube, where Judy Murray OBE, is treated to the perfect scalp routine.


Iconic Female Tennis Players Through the Ages

Amidst all the action and sharpest serves, MONPURE will be seeking out some of the best on and off-court hairstyles to protect guests and stars from the summertime heat. We are also taking a stroll down memory lane to shine a spotlight on some of the most iconic female tennis players and their hairstyles over the ages. The greatest stars of the sport have certainly developed their own signature styles as they dash across the tennis court. Players are as recognizable for their braids, ponytails and accessories as they are for their serves and topspins. From Billie Jean King’s classic 60s bouffant to Serena Williams voluminous curls, here is the MONPURE tribute to the best tennis hairstyles over the decades.

Billie Jean King

By 1968, the American champ had won her third consecutive Wimbledon title, all while sporting her signature 60s bouffant ‘do. King fulfilled her lifelong dream to give women's tennis the prominence it deserved by forming the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) in 1973.

Virginia Wade

Taking home the gold in 1977, Wade is the last female Briton to win a singles title at Wimbledon. Alongside her national legacy, Wade sported dark, layered tresses on and off the court.

Steffi Graff

The record-breaking German star reigned supreme in the late 1980s, with her layered, golden locks and her gazelle-like footwork on the court.

Maria Sharapova

The 17 year old Russian from Siberia won the Wimbledon Women’s Singles Championship in 2004. The star was revered for her powerful reverse forehand, as well as her wispy blur of long blond hair.

Serena Williams

Serena’s 22 career Grand Slam singles titles are no less than history-in-the-making. Her voluminous, bouncy, curly ponytail at the 2015 Wimbledon finals is one of many of her fabulous on-court styles.

CiCi Bellis

By 2017, Bellis’ became the youngest match-winner at the US Open since 1996, always sporting her signature bubbled style adorned with colourful accessories.

Heather Watson

The British player has reached the fourth round of Wimbledon for the first time in her career. Her dark brown tresses are pulled back into a perfect pony tail which whips behind her on court.

The MONPURE Solution to a Sporty Scalp

With the 2022 Wimbledon Championship commencing this week, there’s no better time to remember the importance of treating your scalp with care when perfecting your backhand or getting active, especially during the summer months. If you’ve been rallying against a sweaty scalp, which can lead to itchiness, greasy roots and clogged follicles, the Clarifying Scalp Scrub is the perfect antidote to get your scalp back on match point. Along with ridding the scalp of nasty build-up and sweat, exfoliation also primes the scalp for the absorption of other active ingredients that support scalp and hair health.


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