The Gift of Strong and Heathy Hair - Bianca Timetheo for MONPURE

This holiday season, MONPURE is collaborating with London-based watercolour artist, Bianca Timetheo to create two limited edition luxury gift box designs.


Bianca Timotheo is an artist & entrepreneur based in London. Always passionate about colours, she began to experiment by painting on the wall of her parents’ house at the age of 4. By 9 years old, Bianca was painting with oil and acrylic paints. Born in a small town in Brazil in 1989, she lived under the constant reminder of the famous saying, ‘art won’t pay the bills’, forcing her to quit painting to go to university and ‘get a real job’. Fast forward to 24 years old, Bianca moved to London with her partner who surprised her with a full art kit, to encourage her to start painting again. She did! And the artworks were the inspiration to create the first design-led souvenir brand out there: To Home From London. In a full-circle fashion, Bianca now lives off her art.

The design pays tribute to the partnership between MONPURE and The Little Princess Trust. The Little Princess Trust is a charity close to our hearts, that donates real-hair wigs to children and young adults combating hair loss due to cancer and other illnesses. With each limited-edition gift box sold, MONPURE is donating 15% of profits to their incredibly worthwhile cause. Bianca’s art, which adorns the sets, showcases colourful strands of stars and nebulae intertwined in the sky, and pays homage to the hope and confidence that is given to the children when receiving wigs.

For every limited-edition gift set sold, MONPURE will donate 15% of profits to The Little Princess Trust Charity.


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