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Proof of Authenticity


Authenticate your MONPURE purchase. Inspect for our verifying hologram.

Counterfeit beauty products contain a number of toxic hazardous ingredients to cut costs, which can lead to serious injuries (especially if the product gets into the eyes). They are also often formulated in unsanitary conditions with minimal preservatives, using ingredients which have been tested on animals. The people who produce these products are usually linked to organised crime, funded by the sale of these products.

Our products bring together the most potent, natural and ethically-sourced ingredients, which are cruelty-free and we ensure our suppliers adhere to the same standards. So you have peace of mind, we’ve included a specially designed hologram as our promise to you that what you have purchased adheres to our considerable standards.

Below is a step-by-step guide we’ve created, so you can always feel confident that what you’ve purchased is the genuine article.

1. If your purchase is genuine, the MONPURE hologram should be found on the back of the product itself (removing any outer packaging).

2. It should be easy to see the letter M in the middle of the hologram and the blurry words ‘MONPURE’ across the background outside the circle.

3. Surrounding the M, on the outer ring, there is the text saying ‘MONPURE’ over and over all the way around the ring.

4. Surrounding the M, on the middle ring, you should next see a rainbow effect that changes colour as you move the packaging.

5. Surrounding the M, on the inside ring, there is nano-text saying ‘MONPURE’ over and over all the way around which can be viewed under a magnifying glass or if you take a picture on your phone and zoom in.

6. If all of these elements are present, then great news – your product is genuine!

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