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of women with hair loss say it negatively impacts their daily lives


of women report a decline in self-confidence due to hair problems


of women see their hair as an integral part of their identity


of women identify a greater stigma against female hair loss than male

The emotional toll of hair loss cannot be overstated. For many, it's more than a cosmetic concern; it's a journey that affects mental health, self-esteem, and emotional well-being. According to MONPURE’s research, a staggering 88% of women experiencing hair loss are grappling with its negative impact on their daily lives.

This negative influence often manifests as a knock to self-esteem, with 75% reporting a decline in their self-confidence due to hair problems. Hair holds immense importance as a reflection of identity. A striking 87% of individuals recognise the significance of their hair in defining who they are. Throughout history, hair has been a way for women to communicate their cultural belonging and personal expression. Today, it continues to play a pivotal role in conveying messages about individuality and belonging.

Despite the widespread emotional impact of hair loss, only 37% of those affected openly discuss it with family and friends. 

This discrepancy may be attributed to the pervasive social stigma attached to female hair loss – a perception held by 81% of women.

The silence surrounding this topic emphasises the need for open conversations, empathy, and support.


MONPURE is the world’s first haircare brand to speak openly about female hair loss. We're committed to addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of hair loss, as well as developing cutting-edge hair restoration treatments and formulas. Our innovative solutions are rooted in the science of hair growth cycles, the scalp microbiome and the relationship between hormonal changes and the health of our hair follicles.

We hope to be a force for change and encourage others to talk about female hair loss more openly – not feel the need to cover up. Because none of us should have to go through female hair loss alone.

Don’t forget to tag us (@monpurelondon #itsnotjusthair #monpure) so we can make this message go further, helping to normalise the conversation.


MONPURE is pioneering science and innovation in the fields of scalp and hair care, partnering with leading research institutions in post-cancer hair loss treatment, to gain a better understanding of the human hair follicle and its regenerative properties.