The scalp – the unsung hero of healthy hair.

The scalp should be at the heart of any haircare regime. You might be applying all manner of lotions and potions to your lustreless locks hoping to wake up the next morning with a magnificent mane befitting a Pre-Raphaelite muse. Yet all this time, your scalp remains an after-thought, unloved and neglected as the moon by day – when in fact, it’s the root cause of healthy hair. 

MONPURE are a collective of beauty experts, dermatologists and scientists who are all dedicated to finding a real solution to the issues of hair loss and thinning. We were startled at how so many people were treating these issues with harsh toxic chemicals, so we created MONPURE as a way of transforming how we care for this area, bridging the gap between skin and haircare.

Studies have shown that the scalp ages just as fast as the skin on your face – in addition to being plagued by environmental agitation: hard water, sun and pollution. Not to mention pore-clogging silicones in your shampoo. Add a good dose of stress and hormones and you’ve got a recipe for hair loss and thinning, which affects 40% of women and 70% of men in their lifetime.

So, with MONPURE, we’ve created a much kinder, more ‘diplomatic’ alternative. With better products and education around scalpcare, this problem could be minimised and dealt with without the need for overly strong reinforcements. After all, why should skincare stop at the hairline?

Great hair starts below the surface

Most believe that the root of the hair strand is what you see just above the scalp. But like with most things in life, what lies beneath the surface will astonish you. Your hair has actually been growing underneath the skin for a full two weeks before we’re even graced with its presence.  Hence we like to think of caring for the scalp as akin to gardening: if you nourish the soil, what grows out of it should flourish.

Everything in MONPURE’s results-driven range stars nourishing botanicals and potent actives sustainably sourced from all over Europe, which are supercharged in our German laboratories so they can work at their full potential. Redness-reducing witch hazel, dead skin-dissolving salicylic acid and restorative silk peptides are just a few of our ‘hero’ ingredients. And if you fine-haired folk tend to shy away from leave-in products, fear not – everything from our masks, scrubs, serums and conditioners are lightweight hence swiftly absorbed for maximum efficacy. They also work to re-balance pH levels to minimise irritation (as well as issues such as itchy, flaky scalps) and help boost collagen, i.e. the ‘building blocks’ of skin and hair. This labour of love has resulted in a range of innovative products that will do to your scalp what spring does to the cherry trees. And being dedicated to delivering the most effective products on the market, we are frequently developing, testing and improving our formulas.

When it comes to scalp health, we’ve adopted a holistic approach that goes beyond topical treatment. While our predominantly natural ingredients nourish and care for the scalp, the natural fragrance boosts the mood and helps banish stress, as you work the products into the scalp yourself or convince someone else to do this for you (but be prepared to reciprocate – that’s just good manners!) And as you’re probably aware, there is a direct link between stress and hair loss. The idea of ‘tearing our hair out’ when we’re under pressure is no mere metaphor – that’s pretty much what happens. So our ethos is simple: with the right regime and reduced stress, you have a recipe for healthy, luscious hair – and lots of it!

Gentle on your scalp and the environment

At MONPURE we care as much about the planet and its furry inhabitants as we do your hair. Our formulas are free from the usual culprits (sulphates, silicone and parabens) and all testing processes are vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic. What’s more, we use suppliers that we have hand-picked for having the highest ethical standards.

Our packaging shouldn’t end up in a landfill either – the glass bottles can be fully recycled and our plastic containers are both recycled and recyclable. (They also cut a dashing figure on a bathroom shelf, in case that interests you…)

Hence if healthy strong hair is what you’re coveting, discover MONPURE for yourself. Your neglected scalp will thank you for it.