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Eco Friendly Packaging Chips

Thursday 22th April 21

world earth day
5+ min read


How to use MONPURE's Eco Friendly Packaging Chips

Did you know that MONPURE's packaging chips are 100% biodegradable and compostable?

Happy World Earth Day!  Here at MONPURE we’re all about caring for our beautiful planet and its people as much as we do your scalp and hair, it’s important to us that we stay true to our sustainable ethos at every step of this journey. And hopefully where we lead, more beauty brands will follow. 

If you place an order with us, in your beautiful green MONPURE box (which you can repurpose fyi) your products will be protected by our special packing chips. Rather than polystyrene-based, ours are made from biodegradable corn starch. This means you can dispose of them sustainably and they won’t end up in a landfill! 

Here are five things you can do with yours…

  1. Throw them in the rubbish bin.

    Even if you don’t do anything special with them afterward, these chips will still biodegrade within 72 days. (Although they might take up space, meaning you’ll have to replace your bin bag earlier.

  2. Dissolve and pour down the sink.

    These chips are non-toxic and won’t pollute the waterways or harm aquatic life. (If you want to conserve water, use the water in your washing up bowl once you’ve finished doing the dishes.)

  3. Pop them on the compost heap.

    These corn starch chips are ‘food grade’ so if you add it to your compost, it will naturally decompose along with other organic matter, going back into the soil so nature’s cycle is complete.

  4. Use them to keep your plants hydrated.

    Did you know corn starch is great for retaining moisture in soil, so your plants don’t dry out so quickly? Add a little water and mix until the chips dissolve into a paste and add to the soil.

  5. Reuse them!

    These corn starch chips can be reused (providing they don’t get wet!) for keeping fragile items safe in transit, so it might be worth hanging on to them if you’re sending a parcel or moving home.

To show our commitment to people and planet. MONPURE are B-Corp pending – find out more about what this means here.



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