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How To Use The “Curly Girl Method”

Thursday 04th March 21

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The Curly Girl Method

You may have heard of the Curly Girl Method (aka CGM), which focuses on caring for hair that’s curly or textured. This method will help you create gorgeously defined curls and waves and gives you the chance to switch up your hairstyle when you normally might leave it natural or straightened.

People with curly and coily (e.g. 3c/4c hair) have been using this method for years, but now people with looser curls and waves are getting in on the action. 

Discover your curl type here.

To read all about the Curly Girl Method and how it works, we suggest leafing through Lorraine Massey’s book Curly Girl: The Handbook but there are also a few basic principles to bear in mind – and the best news? The MONPURE range is perfect for this! 

The basic rules for following the Curly Girl Method (which can also help with a dry scalp too) is by cutting out harsh, drying ingredients from your hair care regime. This includes silicones, sulphates and ‘bad’ alcohols. And MONPURE products– like our Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo and Strengthening Essence Conditioner – contain none of the above, and hence are completely compatible! 

The Curly Girl Method advises you use products with gentle cleansing ingredients such as cocamidopropyl betaine, together with hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and aloe vera (found in both of the above products, together with our Clarifying Scalp Scrub).

Hydrating Solutions for the Curly Girl Method

Our Strengthening Essence Conditioner does contain two alcohols: cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol – however, these are ‘good’ alcohols for your hair. Because instead of making hair dry and brittle by dissolving its natural oils, they work as humectants, which draw moisture into the hair like a sponge, helping it to become smooth and preventing knots and tangles. The conditioner also contains panthenol, another hydrating ingredient, which is also prized by proponents of the Curly Girl Method. (Plus as a lightweight ‘essence’ you can use it directly on your scalp to quench any dryness and flaking.)

More Curly Girl Method tips for all you curly Monpurists? Never brush or comb hair when dry, and avoid heat styling (which can make hair brittle and damaged) and prioritise protein-rich and ultra moisturising products.

Want to give CGM a go? Try our Shampoo & Conditioner bundle to cocoon and moisturise curls to the max.


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